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Inter Campus @ United Nations

At the headquarters of the United Nations in New York yesterday (28 November), Inter Campus was able to celebrate its 15th anniversary of supporting children in troubled countries around the world.

Naturally, the event was attended by the patron of the Black and Blues, Massimo Moratti, and a number of protagonists of the team personally active in Inter Campus initiatives, including Francesco Toldo and Luis Figo.

Many authorities wished to express their esteem for the undertaking: among them, Wilfried Lemke, deputy to the UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon, Geeta Rao Gupta a prominent figure in UNICEF and the ex-Serbian foreign minister recently named as rotating president of the UN’s general assembly.

The Inter Campus record is extensive: over the 15 years it has been involved in 25 humanitarian projects with 10,000 children and has generated millions of smiles. The UN visit was a day for us to remember, because as the Inter sponsor we have supported the work of Inter Campus for years to help children and their families through the values of sport.

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