Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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The fourth edition of the Project saw the participation of six teams coming from El Karnak, Abu Sinbil, El Salam, El Hazira, El Mesiry and El Waqqad, which presented, between November 1st 2016 and January 1st 2017, innovative projects using recycled materials and a limited budget.

There were no further rules leaving full space for creativity, initiative and improvisation. The projects were assessed by 10 judges from Pirelli and non-participating villages that based their evaluation on before and after pictures, visits and interviews with population, taking account of nine criteria’s: innovation, efficiency of waste usage, encouraging other community members, solving existing problems, number of beneficiaries, project evaluation from beneficiaries’ point of view, quality, number & size of projects, safety measures.

The final result was outstanding. The three most appreciated projects – El Salam, El Waqqad, El Kamak – were awarded in a Ceremony held on February 15th in Alexandria.

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Pirelli Germany has organised the fourth edition of the Diversity Day. The focus of 2016 edition was sport as an example of diversity and collaboration

The main focus of the Diversity Day, 2016 Edition, was sport. This is a choice in line with the two big events of this summer: UEFA European Football Championship in France and the Summer Olympic Games of Rio.

“These events are perfect examples of a high level of diversity,” says Josef Lottes , Director of Human Resources and Organization of Pirelli Germany GmbH. “From all continents people of all races and religions peacefully come together to compete in fair athletic competitions.”

Starting from this idea, Pirelli Germany has organised a table football tournament dedicated to its employees. In every team, composed by both men and women, different religions and nationalities were represented.
Diversity and integration has always been an important part of Pirelli’s corporate philosophy. German employees come from twenty-four different countries and four different continents, and their age range from 16 to 65 years old.

Diversity creates lots of benefits to employees, both in their daily life and in the relationships with their colleagues at work.

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Pirelli Egypt: Image Competition Project at its third edition

During March and April the third edition of the Image Competition Project took place in Pirelli’s Egyptian plant; teams were challenged to submit creations made using recycled materials.

The third edition of the Project saw the participation of twenty-nine teams –  the number has doubled in respect to 2015 – which presented innovative projects using recycled materials and a limited budget.

The projects realized by the teams had among their main objectives the Egyptian employees’ safety and well-being.

The scoring process took into consideration various criteria, including team work, quality, innovation and sustainability.

The three winning projects saw the realization and the decoration of the relax area, as well as the creation of an automatic security system for the area in front of Pirelli’s warehouse.

Thanks to these projects, Pirelli’s employees could appreciate how it is possible to give a new life to materials which are usually thrown away as waste.