Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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On May 29th Moscow hosted 10,000 charity runners supporting Natalia Vodianova’s Fund. Pirelli employees also took part in the initiative.

In spite of scalding sun the charity race gathered lots of runners accompanied by Olympic and Paralympic Champions, by cinema and show-business stars and by Chief Editors of the leading media.

Pirelli supported the charity money collection having paid for 2 corporate teams (5 participants in each) running 3 and 10 km. Also the Company provided one copy of Pirelli Calendar 2016, which was signed by Natalia Vodianova and presented to the fastest corporate team. It’s the second year in a row when Pirelli takes part in this race. Last year, at the first Moscow race of Natalia Vodianova, total number of participants were 1,500, so just in one year it’s almost 10 times more people participating!

As a result more than 37 million rubles (more than 500 k euro) have been collected thanks to all the participants of the race. Thanks to this money hundreds of the families raising the children with autism, ICP and Down syndrome will get additional help.

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AIRI (Italian Association for Industrial Research) has awarded Pirelli the “Oscar Masi for Innovation” award whose main subject for 2016 was “innovative products and processes in line with future smart manufacturing”.

The award was handed over to Pirelli’s researchers Gianni Mancini and Vincenzo Boffa, who have been working for four years to the project “Prototype CVA: Automatic Visual Control of the tyre”.

The project was born in Pirelli’s R&D laboratories in Milan and has seen the important collaboration of the University of Bologna and of the Turin Polytechnic.

The CVA is an automatic system of product’s analysis which uses innovative technologies of artificial vision and automation to assess potential defects of the final product.

Pirelli has developed the algorithms necessary to elaborate images and see potential defects, introducing a really interesting innovation which could be very useful in a process which today can only be made manually.

Pirelli’s CEO Mr. Tronchetti Provera stated: “this award is an incentive for our researchers to continue creating advanced solutions, is an incentive for the Group to continue with research in collaboration with the most prestigious universities and research centers and is also an incentive for the Country to always consider research as the driver of growth and innovation”.

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Education is the way to stop inequality.

That is the vision of Puentes, a non-profit organization, whose scholarship programme is supported by Pirelli.

The programme helps the youngest to get to schools and universities, providing laboratories, tutors and financial support needed to support the cost of those studies.

An activity for the Argentinian people, and a way of approaching the socio-economic groups in difficulty.

Through culture, we can help young people to improve their lives and to take the good opportunities life presents them.