Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli hosts the CSR Europe General Assembly 2015

Pirelli has been a member of CSR Europe since 2010. This network of enterprises in Europe that are leaders in corporate social responsibility includes over 60 multinational corporations and 40 national partners with branches in 29 European countries, which allows them to cooperate and share experiences to become the global leaders in sustainable competitiveness and social wellbeing.

In support of this alliance, the most important figures of CSR Europe were welcomed at Pirelli headquarters on Thursday, June 18, for the CSR Europe General Assembly 2015. Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer, opened the event.

The general assembly was the prelude for the conference that will be held today, Friday, June 19, in the Expo auditorium for “Last Call to Europe 2020”“, dedicated to corporate sustainability during the months of Expo Milano 2015

➔  Pirelli participates in Last Call with Filippo Bettini, Chief Sustainability and Risk Governance Officer

Cities and technologies continue to develop, subjecting the environment to greater stress. By 2050, 70% of the population will live within urban areas, which implies the need to develop universally accessible urban mobility with low environmental impact. Municipal administrations, private corporations, and NGOs have the duty and opportunity to work together to achieve these ambitious and necessary objectives.
Transportation has a primary influence on emissions, especially the use and production of automobiles and their components. As a result, tires, which are one of the factors that most influence the energy efficiency of an automobile, are fundamental elements for the reduction of auto emissions. At the same time, there is a demand for reduced consumption of energy, water resources, and raw materials during production.
This context is an opportunity for growth for Pirelli, where product and process innovation play a key role and the benefits combine higher profits and more safety for people and the environment.

Pirelli has developed “Green Performance” tires that ensure safety and a respect for the environment. In 2014 Green Performance tires already made up 46% of our overall turnover, which is a sharp increase compared to 35% in 2011. The objective is to reach 48% by 2017. Moreover, by 2020 we will reduce the rolling resistance of our products by 40% (compared to 2007). At the same time, we are currently working on production process efficiency to further limit environmental impact and to reach these objectives for improvement (compared to 2009 data) by 2020: a 15% reduction in CO2 emissions, an 18% reduction in energy consumption, a 58% reduction in water consumption, and an increase of between 73 and 95% in the recovery of production scraps. During 2014, Pirelli obtained (compared to the previous year) a 2% reduction in specific CO2 emissions, a 19% reduction in water consumption, and a 3% increase in waste recovery, which helped achieve cost efficiencies equal to 92 million euros.

All this, combined with cooperation with other exponents in the sector, is at the heart of a corporate approach that makes sustainability an opportunity for growth.

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Ford Green Pillar Award goes to Pirelli

During the annual World Excellence Awards, Ford Global Purchasing Vice President Hau Thai-Tang awarded Pirelli with the Green Pillar Award, recognizing Pirelli’s leadership in sustainability and support of Ford’s “Reinventing Green” brand pillar, featuring technologies that create safer, more eco-friendly and quality products to enhance the overall vehicle experience.

We are thrilled to receive this award from Ford, a partner whom we value tremendously. We look forward to continuing our long-standing technical partnership and providing our high- quality, technologically advanced tires. Our goal is to meet both Ford’s unique driving needs of their vehicle portfolio, and Ford’s sustainability focus, which is an important driver for our company as well said Pierluigi Dinelli, CEO & Chairman of Pirelli Tire North America.

Ford’s World Excellence Awards allow us to recognize and thank our partners who support us in all we do said Hau Thai-Tang. In a year with a record number of global product introductions, Pirelli demonstrated a strong commitment to both quality and performance, and we’re honored that they are a part of our ONE Ford team.”

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The municipality of Slatina, where Pirelli’s facility in Romania is located,  will take part in the third edition of “Fii Orasul Reciclarii 2015”, the competition that awards the title of “city of recycling” in Romania, to be decided in June.

The municipality that collects the largest amount of waste will be rewarded with the construction of a playground made from recycled materials.

Our facility in Slatina, which has always placed great importance on environmental awareness, apart from supporting Slatina’s municipality in this competition, promotes, in partnership with local institutions, several educational projects for citizens on recycling.

Pirelli Slatina has also been participating in “Let’s do it Romania” for several years now, an initiative that involves many Pirelli employees volunteering to clean up the parks around Slatina.