Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli “Green Sourcing” Policy

This is the Pirelli policy that regulates the Group’s purchasing, with a view to creating less impact on the environment

​Here is our commitment by which to further reduce our environmental footprint. It is called our Green Sourcing Policy and it carries the signature of chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera. It is an official document that describes our purchasing policy concerning all the goods and services we acquire: the addressees of this document are not only the company’s buyers, but all of us for use at times when we find ourselves in a position of activating the supply chain for an item or service acquired from outside a company.

We wish to acquire materials, goods and services the environmental footprint of which has less impact than the market average, considering all the phases of the cycle of life, and with particular attention to end-of-life management. For this reason, we are also encouraging our suppliers to integrate our policy into their purchasing model and along their supply chain.

Eleonora Pessina, Pirelli’s sustainability officer, says, “The policy dictates the fundamental principles of green sourcing, for the realisation of which the wording of specific guidelines is explicitly requested. The latter will take advantage of metrics, where possible, through the definition of internationally recognised measurement standards and, where not possible, through the definition of internal indicators. All of this is to monitor the level of effective implementation of the Green Sourcing Policy. In particular, Pirelli is moving towards the individualisation of supply areas for which it is possible to create common environmental requisites. With regard to this project, inter-functional working groups will be created, guided by the acquisition, quality and sustainability departments, with the possibility of direct involvement of eventual suppliers’ reputable representatives”.

Pirelli’s objective is to create its Green Sourcing Policy’s guidelines by the end of 2013.

The policy is available in 22 languages at the following link:

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Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing

A PRI – UN Global Compact initiative

Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing

13 March 2013 – 9:00 PDT – 12:00 EDT – 16:00 GMT – 17:00 CET

On 13 March 2013, Pirelli will host its ESG Investor Briefing, as part of a joint PRI-UN Global Compact initiative designed to improve company-investor communications on ESG information, following the model of traditional financial quarterly calls.

During the 1-hour webcast conference call Mr. Marco Tronchetti Provera, Chairman and CEO, and Mr. Maurizio Sala, Head of Planning & Control Department and Filippo Bettini, Head of Sustainability & Risk Governance will present the company’s ESG value drivers using a framework developed in collaboration with Global Compact LEAD companies and PRI investors, followed by a 30 minutes Q&A session for participating investors.

The Pirelli ESG Investor Briefing is a part of a series of 10-15 pilot presentations by Global Compact companies in 2012-2013 designed to test and refine the ESG Investor Briefing concept and develop a framework complementary to sustainability reporting for corporate communication with the investor community on strategic ESG risks and opportunities.

If you are interested in participating in Pirelli’s ESG Investor Briefing, and you are a a PRI signatory, you can directly register here. If you are not a PRI signatory, please contact Danielle Chesebrough, Manager of Investor Engagements with the UN Global Compact at, who will register you and provide you with a link for the webinar and dial-in details.

Open the PRI-UN Global Compact – Pirelli invitation (PDF Version, 256 KB)

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Renewable energy talks at Pirelli

A convention promoted by the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale and the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation

A 23% improvement in energy efficiency over the next 10 years would determine an increase of over 1.3 billion euros in internal demand, with a contribution of an average rate of about 0.5% in gross national product.

That is what has emerged from the second “Osservatorio per le Energie Rinnovabile ed Efficienza Energetica” (renewable energy and energy efficiency observer) promoted by the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation and the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (agency for a digital Italy) in collaboration with the Bocconi University, the Milan Polytechnic and the Milan Bicocca University of Studies. The data is to be presented in Milan on February 12th at our HQ during the “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Convention, Scenarios and Opportunities”.

The event is opened by Marco Tronchetti Provera, president of the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation, followed by Corrado Clini, the Italian government’s Minister of the Environment, Territorial and Sea Protection.

The convention continues with a presentation of the study by its creators, Vittorio Chiesa, ordinary professor of the Milan Polytechnic, Giancarlo Giudici, associate professor of the Milan Polytechnic and Massimo Beccarello, associate professor of the Milan Bicocca University of Studies.

Central to their presentation are the relevant technologies for renewable energies technology (photovoltaics, hydro-electrics) and energy efficiency, which present themselves as a real driving force in the growth of the country. The moderator is Lucio Pinto, director of the STP Foundation.

On conclusion of the convention, a round table discussion on “Energy and Innovation: the Role of the State” with the participation of Luigi Nicolais, president of CNR.

The book “Energie Rinnovabili ed Efficienza Energetica, Scenari e Opportunità” will be available in Italian and English on the sites: