Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli Kirov Plant for Russian Children’s Foundation

In December 2012 one of Russia’s most reputable charitable foundations “Russian Children’s Foundation” celebrated its 25th anniversary. For almost all these years Kirov Tyre Plant has supported the organization. It is notable that our Kirov plant is a co-founder of Children’s Foundation chapter in Kirov. Even when going through a very challenging period Kirov Tyre Plant and its employees supported the Foundation helping children deprived of parental love and care. Thus through all years of cooperation the plant management and employees ran campaigns to raise funds for kids, donated clothes, toys and Christmas gifts for the abandoned children.

Kirov Tyre Plant management participated in the official anniversary ceremony that took place in Kirov. Russian Children’s Foundation was established in 1987. At the moment the Foundation is present in 74 Russian regions. Foundation’s main goal is to implement long term programs focused on social support to children in need. The Foundation is among Russia’s most reputable and effective charitable organization.

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Pirelli’s zero-emission testing grounds in Vizzola Ticino

Again this year, Pirelli is participating in LifeGate’s project Impatto Zero® to offset the CO2 emissions of the Pirelli testing grounds in Vizzola Ticino through projects in support of woodland areas.

Impatto Zero® includes an environmental impact assessment to quantify the carbon dioxide emissions of all sorts of products, services, events, lifestyles and other activities, while proposing projects and other actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

Finally, CO2 is then offset to help protect the forests and woodlands in select geographic areas both within Italy and around the world.

LifeGate has assigned two particular projects to Pirelli: both the creation and the protection of 6,604m3 of forestlands growing in Costa Rica and 3,232m3 of forestlands in Carpaneta, in the Province of Mantua, Italy. The achievement of these two goals will result in offsetting 20,202kg of CO2 produced over a period of three years at the Pirelli testing grounds in Vizzola Ticino.

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Pirelli signs the Carbon Pricing Communiqué

Pirelli signs the new Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change document for the fight against such phenomena

This year, too, Pirelli is with the leaders of the world in renewing their commitment in the battle against climate change and, in particular, CO2 emissions. This is, in fact, the focus of the declaration elaborated by the Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change in 2012, with the purpose of pushing world governments to adopt energy policies that lower emissions.

An intent that pertains to us and that we action within the company with our energy efficiency and reduction of polluting emissions policies, concerning both our production processes and our products.

Established in 2007 at Cambridge University, the Corporate Leaders’ Group on Climate Change brings together the largest British, European and international industries, united by the conviction that long term policies are indispensable with which to confront climate change.

Pirelli signed the 2°C Challenge Communiqué in 2011, the Cancun Communiqué in 2010, the Copenhagen Communiqué in 2009 and the Bali in 2007, the first document for the development of concrete strategies through the joint intervention of governments for an exhaustive world agreement on climate.