Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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From Romania to Italy for a ‘green’ technology

As a result of its successes in recent years, Pirelli Information Systems and the IT Services Centre in Craiova together with the Slatina production unit, have proposed a joint study with the University of Craiova for a project financed by the Silvio Tronchetti Provera Foundation. This collaboration continues the enterprise mobility theme, researching new technologically advanced ideas for gathering and the complete sharing of data in all parts of the factory, meeting the needs of the specialists and managers and using new generation devices. The new project will pay particular attention to ‘green IT’ philosophy, further increasing the efforts of information technology in making its own contribution to the subject of eco-sustainability within the Pirelli Group.

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Pirelli's concrete help for the people of Queensland

From 1-28 February, Pirelli Tyres Australia will donate one dollar to the state of Queensland for every tyre it sells. The money raised by this initiative will be the company’s concrete contribution to the victims of the flooding that hit north east Australia in January, especially the city of Brisbane in the state of Queensland.

“The natural catastrophe that hit the state of Queensland is extremely serious”, said Alessandro Marchi, managing director of Pirelli Tyres Australia. “We want to stand with all those people who have lost their homes and especially those who have lost members of their family and friends. The sporting community must face the effects of this event with great courage”.

The collected amount will be donated to the Queensland State, throgh deposit on a dedicated Governamental account.