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Pirelli is the most recommended tyre brand of 2010 in UK

New independent research by Encircle Marketing, a company which delivers insights to the automotive aftermarket industry, has revealed that Pirelli was the most recommended brand in 2010.

The analysis by Encircle Marketing, which continuously monitors brand recommendations in the market, has found that Pirelli came top with 8 percent of all recommendations, up by almost half a point on its 2009 performance.

Dominic Sandivasci, managing director of Pirelli UK, said the result confirmed the team’s hard work in ensuring that Pirelli products are the most desired in the market.

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Plain sailing in South Africa

A hundred young people from the black community in Cape Town will develop their talent for the sport of sailing, thanks to a contribution from Pirelli South Africa.

The company’s sponsorship has begun of the Izivungu Sailing Academy in Simon’s Town, the country’s first sailing school established to offer needy young people the opportunity of personal and professional growth through education in the values and techniques of the sport. Founded in 2001, the school is supported by the South African navy.

The youngsters sponsored by Pirelli will attend two nautical bases, dependent on the various programmes: for most of them the activity will take place at the school’s Simon’s Town headquarters at a military base, while 10 of them who already have some ability in the field will join the Cape Town school.

In the meantime, 17 sailing boats are crossing the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro for the famous Cape-to-Rio Yacht Race. On board is a group of the Pirelli project’s sailors, who with this initiative confirm the traditional association with sailing for its values of sporting competition, team spirit and pressure heading for the destination, as well as the usual commitment to supporting the local community to which they belong.

Pirelli has been in South Africa since 1999 with a subsidiary who look after 700 retail clients direct. The company is mainly active in the car and motorcycle consumer segment, in which it achieves a significant margin, due in part to a good image and the growth of the UHP market.

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Employer Branding: Pirelli wins on the web

Pirelli is the number one in Italy for online communication of employer branding, in other words the ability of a company to attract as an employment provider. With 67.5 points out of 100, Pirelli has won the first ever Lundquist Employer Branding Online Awards Italy 100, a survey conducted by the authoritative consultancy company Lundquist on the communication of employer branding by the 100 largest Italian companies and multinationals that operate in Italy. How do companies use their internet sites to clearly communicate what makes an organisation a desirable place in which a person can mature his/her professional experience; that is the object of the publication.

 Pirelli achieved maximum points in four of the 12 sections that comprise the ranking, demonstrating particular strength in aspects associated with recruitment by scoring 34 points out of 42; the company was followed by ENI and UniCredit, both with 62 points overall. The analyses took into consideration the principal components of employer branding communications online; Proposition (how the company presents itself and what it offers employees), Recruitment (information for the candidature) and User experience (presentation of the contents).

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