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Pirelli is Toyota’s best tyre supplier in South America

On Friday 25 February, Francesco Gori, managing director of Pirelli Tyre, was presented with the Toyota Regional Contribution Award in Tokyo as the Japanese manufacturer’s best tyre supplier in South America. The award, presented by the president of Toyota, was conferred on Pirelli as part of the Toyota Global Contribution Awards.

Pirelli, the first tyre supplier to receive the Toyota award, was rewarded for the quality, price and speed of delivery of its tyres. The Group produces for Toyota in Brazil, where it has five factories and is the leader in both original equipment and replacement.

The award is added to the great deal of recognition the Cinturato P7 and Scorpion Verde are receiving in this period from the specialist press and the most prestigious institutions throughout the world due to the tyres’ performance characteristics and respect for the environment.

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