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‘Millions of smiles’ from InterCampus Romania

img_sust1607_1With the ‘Millions of Smiles’ tournament, the second edition of the InterCampus Romania series came to an end at Slatina recently. The special project was launched in July 2008 in collaboration with F.C. Internazionale Milano, Pirelli and Comunità Nuova.

For three days, over 250 children played in football matches that took place on pitch two of the 1st May Stadium, plus recreational activities organised in parallel with them. Fun was assured for the smallest children, who enjoyed karaoke competitions, a puppet theatre, cartoons, clowns and face paint.

img_sust1607_2‘Millions of Smiles’, made possible by the work of volunteers from various Italian associations, the trainers of F.C. Internazio nale Milano, representatives of Comunità Nuova of Milan, the William Tyrell Foundation of Slatina and employees of Pirelli Tyres Romania, is the event with which InterCampus Romania celebrated a year of sports-recreational activities organised for more than 80 children from various social environments. For more than two years, the children have learnt to work as a team and integrate themselves into an organisational system through football, as well as gaining experience in social values like collaboration, friendship, loyalty and other important qualities.

“The ‘Millions of Smiles’ tournament is the concluding event of the second season, during which over 80 children have been involved in football and relating to each other”, said Luca de Vecchi, a Comunità Nuova representative. “To see their high spirits, the will to play together, to get to know each other without prejudice, makes us believe that the substantial objective we set ourselves with Pirelli and InterCampus of integration through sport is also possible in Slatina”.

“The InterCampus staff has experienced these three days with great satisfaction, establishing that not only the children have made tremendous improvements on the pitch in this sports season, the greatest pleasure was to see how much they enjoyed themselves, thanks also to the activity of animation”, declared Annalisa Novembre for InterCampus. “We would like to thank Pirelli, which has supported this event, the NIP volunteers and Comunità Nuova, Bambini in Romania and the William Tyrell Foundation, who allowed the hundreds of children to enjoy a unique experience and give us thousands of smiles”.

A spokesperson for the volunteers of the Bambini in Romania association said, “For us, the importance of the event was the collaboration between the various Italian and Romanian associations more than anything else, having the mutual objective of creating a joint moment of festivity and integration in the Slatina area. We have seen great potential in the event, which we hope can be exploited and increased in the years to come”.img_sust1607_3

Fourteen teams from sports clubs in the Olt region and InterCampus competed in this year’s football championship in the various age categories for children born in 1997-1998; 1999; 2000-2001.

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Diplomats at the Bumbesti Jiu factory

DiplomaticiRomania, County of Gorj: Pirelli Eco Technology recently received a visit of the new Italian ambassador to Bucharest, Mario Cospito, accompanied by his staff.
Purpose of the mission was a meeting of the Italian diplomats in Romania with the staff of Pirelli Eco Technology and Pirelli Tyres, who were joined by the local political and administrative authorities, including Victor Ponta, president of the Social Democratic Party, Ion Calinoiu, president of the County of Gorj and Florin Carciumaru, mayor of Tg Jiu.

An important mission for Pirelli Eco Technology, the success of which in Romania was achieved also with thanks to the optimum relations that Pirelli has been able to develop with the local authorities.

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Yesterday (10 November) at Slatina the Sports Lyceum of Inter Campus Romania was inaugurated, the programme that uses the game of football as an instrument of social integration, developed by FC Internazionale in collaboration with Pirelli and the New Community Association. 

Those attending the ceremony included Enrico Malerba, CEO of Pirelli Tyre Romania, Darius Diaclov, Mayor of Slatina, Aldo Montinaro, technical director of Inter Campus and Don Gino Rigoldi, president of the New Community.

“For Pirelli, after substantial investments in the Slatina production centre, to participate in the improvement of the local community’s social situation is a moral duty. The people who work for Pirelli live in Slatina, so it is right that we contribute to the development of their city. Through this project, we wanted to help all the children, both those who are well-off and those less so”, declared Enrico Malerba, CEO of Pirelli Tyres Romania.

“Pirelli is an example of commitment in the social and sporting life of Slatina”, said Darius Dialcov, Mayor of the city. “They train and educate the young generation, help them to develop themselves. I am pleased to see that 50 children from Slatina have been rewarded in this way”.

It was Christian Chivu who opened the 2009-2010 season of Inter Campus Romania, the Inter champion and Rumanian national player who is the star testimonial of this initiative, which aims at the social integration of boys from eight to 14 years-old through the activity and values of the sport.