Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli World August 2009The new Pirelli World gives voice to the changes taking place in the various businesses of the Group, and interviews Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of Pirelli, and Maurizio Boiocchi, Pirelli Tyre’s director of Product development, who tell of the strategies, the projects and the people working on Pirelli’s future.

  • Green performance is the Group’s password by which to affront the recession and sustain global competitiveness. In Pirelli World, the commitment of Pirelli Eco Technology in Holland and China through interviews with Davide Fedeli and Francesco Ceriani.
  • Working Pirelli: 137 years of work in the factories of the world told by a book, an exhibition and a conference. The Pirelli Foundation is born for the promotion of Pirelli’s business culture.
  • The search for excellence never stops. At B.U. Moto they change the approach to sales with a new training programme for the whole commercial structure.
  • How do you achieve 40% of market share? The Petinsa-Pirelli case: focus on model distribution in Uruguay.
  • And then from Brazil the backstage pictures of the 2010 Cal, the Pirelli PZERO collection for the next season and much, much more…

Pirelli World nr 56 Aug09

 Pirelli World, an English language quarterly magazine targeted at the Group’s management around the world, is published in Milan and distributed to all Group  affiliates worldwide.

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TRUCK R01Pirelli Tyre has presented to the international press and dealers the new series R:01 for the Regional segment during two days that culminate today with participation in Autopromotec ’09, the international fair devoted to the equipment and products of the automotive industry.

The new Regional is a revolutionary tyre able to combine two points of view that, until recently, seemed irreconcilable: the severe norms in favour of the environment and the needs of the client. FR:01 for directional axles and TR:01 for traction axles anticipate the norm concerning respect for the environment, at the same time satisfying request for a reduction in the costs of management coming from clients due to greater mileage, reduction in fuel consumption, remouldability and respect for the environment, as emphasised by the Ecoimpact icon on the sidewall of the tyre.

The Bolognese event was also the right occasion on which to introduce a packet of new services in support of the operators: the Pirelli Retreading System, the renewed Pirelli system for remoulding tyres, the assistance on the road CQ24 International and Credit Tyre, the financing system for fleets and dealers.

Truck, the Pirelli Group’s new three-monthly magazine devoted to the world of transport, was also presented to the public and opens a channel of communication between the company and end users for continuous updating and closer examination of product innovations and the needs of the client. Tyres of the R:01 series were donated to the Civil Defence organisation at Aquila to equip the heavy vehicles of the Fire Service.

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Anti-particulate filtersPirelli Eco Technology, the Pirelli Group subsidiary dedicated to technologies for lowering harmful emissions from diesel engines, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Portuguese Ministries of Transportation and the Environment to test Feelpure anti-particulate filters on the public transit vehicles of Lisbon and Porto.
The MoU was signed yesterday in Lisbon by the CEO Pirelli Eco Technology, Bruno Tronchetti Provera, by the Secretary of State of the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment, Humberto Rosa, and by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Transportation, Ana Paula Vitorino. The agreement calls for two phases of testing Feelpure anti-particulate filters, capable of reducing particle emissions from diesel-powered vehicles by more than 90%, resulting in a significant improvement in air quality. The first phase involves testing on the public transit vehicles of Lisbon, the second on those of Porto.
Meanwhile, in China, the conclusion of the testing phase begun in mid-2008 has opened the door to homologation and eventual commercialization of Feelpure anti-particulate filters there, with a potential market for 145,000 filtering systems in the city of Beijing alone.