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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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LASTIK MAGAZINE_ E. G. Pessina at REC TurkeyOn April 20 and 21 the Pirelli Group Sustainibility Manager, Eleonora Giada Pessina, shared Pirelli Group’s approach to “Sustainability” with the middle and high level managers of the Turkish business world.

Corporate Sustainability Certificate Porgramme has been organized by REC Turkey, in cooperation with Boğaziçi University, aiming to promote “Sustainable Development” in the Turkish private sector. The program took place between 6th of April and 3th of June and included 6 modules. Targeted at mid and high level mangers of Turkish business world, the Programme aimed to give them the necessary information and skills in oder to cope with the challenges of today’s competitive environment.

During these two day long conferences E. G. Pessina underlined the comepetitivity value of a sustainable management approach which fully integrates sustainability in company’s vision and business development strategies. The “Group green strategy” has been explained with a major focus on Cinturato P7, the Green Performance Tyre.

She aldo indicated that sustainability plays a foundamental role in today economic world, by also adding“If today a company wants to be innovative, to anticipate its consumers’ expectations and to catch the most challenging opportunites in the market, all of this with the most valuable relations with its internal and external stakeholders, than sustainibility shall become one of its priorities.”

On that day Pessina’s lecturers were also followed by two video conference dedicated to the “Sustainable Finance” concept, with two very prestigious Experts: Edoardo Gai, Head of SAM Group Sustainability Services, from Zurich  - SAM is the Dow Jones Sustainibility Index Analyst – and then Willam OultonDirector of Financial Times Sustainability Indexes Director, from London.

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Download the Report 2008 (excerpt from the source “Group Annual Financial report 2008″).

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img_p7Cinturato P7 is already on the track. A few days before the official presentation in Rome from 3-8 April, the Pirelli ecological tyre for large cubic capacity cars is on the Nardò International Test Track in the province of Lecce, Italy, conducting a dynamic test marathon involving a total of 500 journalist-testers and dealers from all over Europe.

Awaiting them at the Salento circuit is a ‘scuderia’ of the latest and most prestigious Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, BMW and Volvo E-class cars, for which the Cinturato P7 has been selected by their manufacturers as original equipment.

Performance and safety while respecting the environment. The Cinturato P7 is the first tyre for cars in the top market segment able to be a high performer, safe and ecological at the same time, due to avant garde materials and design techniques, which Pirelli recounted at the Castello Monaci in Lecce.

In synthesis: compounds and materials, structure and tread pattern were developed in equilibrium among themselves so as to guarantee constant performance for the whole life of the tyre in terms of reduction in harmful emissions, lowering noise levels, operating economy, shorter braking distances and handling.  P7 is constructed entirely of materials without highly aromatic oils, ensuring an overall reduction in consumption of up to more than 4% and lowering acoustic emissions by 30%, while on the safety front it offers better braking performance in both the wet and dry by 2 and 1 metres respectively.

In line with ‘green performance’, the Pirelli Group slogan for the next three years, Cinturato P7 is ecology applied to the whole chain, from research to the end product and still more.

On the occasion of the introduction of the P7, Pirelli is launching in Italy a campaign for the ‘scrapping’ of tyres with a totally auto-financed initiative that envisages a contribution in the acquisition of fuel for motorists who decide to replace their tyres with eco-compatible products. 

In addition, the Salento launch is an Impatto Zero® event, the project of LifeGate that actuates the intentions of the Kyoto Agreement. All the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the static and dynamic presentation activity of the Cinturato P7 will be compensated for with the creation and protection of a new forest of 56,000 square metres in the reserve of Amistad Caribe in Costa Rica, the country with the highest percentage of bio-diversity in the world, which has already adopted courageous environmental policies to hold back deforestation.
Cinturato P7 will be available in the replacement market from May. Meanwhile, the logo of th new product was “fielded” on Sunday 5 April at Udine, Italy, on the shirts of the black-and-blues in the Udinese-Inter football match.

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