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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli World August 2009The new Pirelli World gives voice to the changes taking place in the various businesses of the Group, and interviews Marco Tronchetti Provera, chairman of Pirelli, and Maurizio Boiocchi, Pirelli Tyre’s director of Product development, who tell of the strategies, the projects and the people working on Pirelli’s future.

  • Green performance is the Group’s password by which to affront the recession and sustain global competitiveness. In Pirelli World, the commitment of Pirelli Eco Technology in Holland and China through interviews with Davide Fedeli and Francesco Ceriani.
  • Working Pirelli: 137 years of work in the factories of the world told by a book, an exhibition and a conference. The Pirelli Foundation is born for the promotion of Pirelli’s business culture.
  • The search for excellence never stops. At B.U. Moto they change the approach to sales with a new training programme for the whole commercial structure.
  • How do you achieve 40% of market share? The Petinsa-Pirelli case: focus on model distribution in Uruguay.
  • And then from Brazil the backstage pictures of the 2010 Cal, the Pirelli PZERO collection for the next season and much, much more…

Pirelli World nr 56 Aug09

 Pirelli World, an English language quarterly magazine targeted at the Group’s management around the world, is published in Milan and distributed to all Group  affiliates worldwide.

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Pirelli scored a double at the 2009 China Tyre Enterprise Summit, which concluded recently in Shanghai.
The Cinturato P7 was voted “The Best New Tyre of the Year”, the Summit’s most prestigious award, while the P Zero, the high range tyre, won “The Best Ultra-High Performance Tyre” award as a result of its excellent performance in relation to that of its competitors in the category.
performanceThe Summit, which focused on an eco-sustainable theme of energy saving and protection of the environment, had at the centre of its debate research into new eco-compatible materials, the introduction of technological innovations that imply a lesser environmental impact and the creation of tyres that are increasingly ‘green’.
The attribution of two such important awards demonstrates the general appreciation by the industrial world of Pirelli’s policy of safety and respect for the environment, which it has pursued in recent years.
The awards were received on behalf of Pirelli by Michael Cati, commercial director of Pirelli Tyre China, who said, “It is a great honour for Pirelli to receive this recognition. From 2005, when the company entered the Chinese market, it has always introduced its latest technology and its new products. The P Zero and Cinturato P7 are proof of that. In line with the theme of the Summit, Pirelli will continue to focus on ‘green’ technology and energy saving while continuing to marry respect for the environment and performance“.

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RubberRubber is a widely used material in our daily lives. Where does it come from? What is it for? How is it transformed?

To provide answers to these questions and more, the new interactivity area devoted to rubber was inaugurated this morning at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milan.

In the great Italian techno-scientific museum, a space is now active that illustrates the cultivation, production and use of rubber in the past and today, with historical objects, multi-medial positions, audiovisuals and interactivity.

Today, more than half the rubber produced is used to make tyres. Among the objects on display, there had to be a contribution from Pirelli, which has donated an ultra-high performance P Zero 265/40 ZR 18 and 10 Pirelli Evo 21 scooter tyres plus a Tipo N from the 1913-15 period, one of the first tyres to use carbon black in its compound. Pirelli has also contributed to the production of a video on the cultivation of rubber, as well as having offered its scientific support for the creation of the area itself relative to tyres.

The new interactive area devoted to rubber, realised by the museum in partnership with Assocomaplast (the National Association of Constructors of Machines and Moulds for Plastic and Rubber Materials), with a contribution from the Lombardy Region and the Milan Chamber of Commerce, inaugurates a period of cooperation between these important Milanese institutions and Pirelli in a commitment to disseminate technological culture among the young generations.
Education is one of the fundamental objectives of the museum, a premise Pirelli shares with its constant attention to scholastic and university education.

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