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Pirelli China awarded for outstanding sustainability

Pirelli China won “2011-2012 sustainability development in China” Outstanding Case award

Pirelli China has been selected and won “2011-2012 sustainability development in China” Outstanding Case award. This selection was organized by the Chinese Economic Observer.

Organizers evaluated the enterprises in the implementation in China from three core dimensions: economic performance, eco-environmental protection and social responsibility. In particular, our contribution to continuously research and development of green high-performance tyres has been unanimously affirmed.

The Economic Observer is considered to be one of the top three economic-focused newspapers in China and is well regarded for its in-depth special features and commentary,which is much inspired by the British Financial Times. The theme of this selection was “Vision decides the Future”, to look at how, as a public citizen, enterprises can optimize their ethical and social responsibility practices to better help society and vehicles achieve a harmonious coexistence.

The jury agreed that the Pirelli China has made an outstanding contribution from 2011-2012 on the research and development of the green tyre, improving the ecological environment, promoting enterprise and local social harmony, promoting local education and cultural development.