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The Safe&Go summer safety campaign begins

Safe_Go_detailIn collaboration with ‘Autostrade per l’Italia’ and Telepass, Pirelli presented in Rome yesterday (16 June) the summer campaign for road safety called “Safe&Go”, under the patronage of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Altero Matteoli.

At the launch of the initiative were the Minister, the chairman of the Pirelli Group, Marco Tronchetti Provera, together with Giovanni Castellucci and Fabio Cerchiai, managing director and president respectively of Autostrade per l’Italia’.

The prevention campaign is aimed at all motorists and has as its objective making the Italians’ holidays safer. It will begin during the weekend 19-20 June and will conclude on that of 28-29 August. During all of these weekends, motorists can meet with Pirelli technicians in one of the 10 mobile workshops set up in motorway service areas that the Società Autostrade makes available and receive a tyre check free of cost.

The check will conclude with the issue of a certificate of control, which will give the state of ‘health’ of the tyres and include the provision of informative material on tyres’ correct maintenance. In addition, each motorist will receive a tread depth gauge, an instrument with which to check the depth of a tyre’s remaining tread, which the law says may not be less than 1.6 mm.

The initiative is accompanied by an incentive campaign totally financed by Pirelli, which comprises a contribution of up to €170 for those who decide to replace their tyres which are worn or do not comply with the law with new Pirelli products by 14 August 2010.

The safety incentive, which continues until 31 May 2011, includes a €100 reduction on a subsequent purchase of a set of new tyres and a bonus of up to €70 in motorway toll charges for those who possess a Telepass Premium.

The Safe&Go campaign will involve about 1,400 tyre dealers in Pirelli workshops, who will play a central part in informing motorists of the fundamental role of tyres and the importance of correct maintenance and prevention.

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