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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Pirelli Suppliers Award 2012

The Suppliers’ Awards ceremony was held at the Pirelli Foundation on Wednesday (11 April), when our suppliers who had distinguished themselves during the year received awards.

The event began with a speech by chairman Marco Tronchetti Provera in which he underlined how the premium strategy also consists of being able to rely on equally premium outside sources.

The awards were assigned on the basis of seven criteria: quality, innovation, speed, total cost, sustainability, global presence and service level.

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Pirelli Foundation LogoThe just created Association for Education of Excellence is a non-profit making organisation which has the task of “promoting and favouring education initiatives of excellence in relation to the needs and prospects of the world of work, research and business”.

Its first initiative is the establishment of the School of High Education for Management.

Convinced that, also in periods of crisis, it is necessary to invest in the future, the three foundations have decided to respond to the need for better education for the young with concrete initiatives, giving their backing to quality and openness to innovation. It is from that premise that the School of High Education for Management has been established, in collaboration with the Collège des Ingénieurs, one of the most authoritative European institutions in the field of management education.

The School of High Education for Management will be aimed at young graduates in engineering and in scientific and economics disciplines (15 the first year, 40 at full capacity) offering them a full-time Masters Degree in Business Administration based on four months of education in-hall and six months of action training in a company: the young people will join client companies as junior consultants and will work on projects of strategic interest.

The Masters Degree will be free of cost for course members, who will be selected exclusively on the basis of merit and preparation (not for income), who will be paid, as a result of a contractual engagement that will terminate at the end of the duration of the period of education: that distinguishes the initiative from other similar undertakings.
The start of the courses is scheduled for September 2009; in-hall education (in the English language) will take place in part together with lecturers and the students of the Collège des Ingénieurs in the offices of Paris, Stuttgart and San Gallo, in part in the offices in Turin with lecturers from the Italian polytechnics and universities and from the world of business.
Those who participated in the press presentation of the school were John Elkann, vice-president of the Giovanni Agnelli Foundation, Riccardo Garrone, president of the Edoardo Garrone Foundation, Antonio Calabrò, director of the Pirelli Foundation and Philippe Mahrer, president of the Association du Collège des Ingénieurs. Gustavo Bracco, head of the school, presented the fundamental principals of the initiative.