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Pirelli Metzeler Tourance™ Next is the best balanced endurance street tyre for Motorrad

Pirelli new  Metzeler Tourance™ Next demonstrated the best balanced performance in all the conditions taken into consideration during the tests, an excellent performance on the dry combined with the excellent features which shone through in the wet and a high mileage.

For this the new Metzeler Tourance™ Next was on the top step of the podium in the street enduro tyre comparative review organised by the authoritative German magazine Motorrad which put it against the Michelin Anakee 3, Bridgestone Battle Wing 501/502, Continental TrailAttack 2, Dunlop Trailmax TR91 and Pirelli Scorpion Trail, all of them in the 110/80 R19 and 150/70 R17 sizes and mounted on six Triumph Tiger Explorer motorcycles.

The 11/2013 edition of the German magazine explains that the six tyre models were tested at two different times: first when the products were completely new and then after 4000 km in order to verify wear and mileage of both the front and the rear. Tests were also conducted on the road at high speeds (motorway and highway) and, above all, there was a test in the wet.

In particular, for the test on the dry, in order to assess the performance parameters were taken into consideration such as handling, steering precision, stability in turns, grip in leans, traction in acceleration, stability on a straight line under full load, performance with a passenger, performance in conditions at the limit and maintaining the trajectory when braking in turns.

For the testing in the wet, held on a duly irrigated track, in addition to the parameters above Motorrad also took into consideration the braking distance at a speed of 100 kph, the average travel speed and lap times, and the new Metzeler Tourance™ Next came out on top over the competition.

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At school at Pirelli Bicocca

On 23 April, the Pirelli Foundation once again opened its doors to pupils of the third elementary school Giovanni Battista Pirelli, reserving a very special lesson for them.

After a brief introduction on the history of rubber and its properties, the children were able to learn the key stages of tyre production. From theory to practice: armed with plasticine (strictly black!) and wooden sticks, the pupils let their imagination run wild, designing and creating their own tyre tread patterns…geometric patterns, shapes taken from the world of nature and also a little heart or two. And that’s how the new ‘Fantasia’, ‘DNA’, ‘Rubbery Sky’ and ‘Go’ plus many other tread designs were born.

The morning continued with a visit to the R&D laboratories. Guided by colleagues from the labs, the children discovered all the secrets of the process by which tyre tread patterns are created: from laser tracing to the delicate task of scribbling to then move on to the semi-anechoic room where, in complete silence, they tested the performance of Pirelli tyres.

This course is an integral part of a training programme proposed by the Pirelli Foundation with a view to making the world of the factory and work known to the youngsters, and bring even the smallest of them closer to the values of our company.

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Pirelli awarded by Honda

In April, Pirelli received a Merit Certificate from Honda.

The award, which was received by Fernando Ruoppolo, Original Equipament director for Latin America, and Eduardo Celso Fonseca, responsible for Campinas plant, recognized Pirelli for the excellence in car tire products supplied to Honda, in Sumaré.

“This certificate is the recognition of another customer, and shows that the work of Sales, Logistics and Industrial teams is on track, generating highly positive results,” sayscommented Eduardo Celso Fonseca.

Congratulations to everyone for another achievement