Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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The Board of Directors of Pirelli & C. S.p.A. reviewed and approved results for the 12 months which ended on December 31, 2017.

Pirelli achieved significant results in the environmental, social and economic context in 2017.

Compared with 2016, Pirelli registered a 4% reduction in the specific consumption of energy, a 14% diminution of water drawing, a more than 4% reduction in specific CO2 emissions, and a 5% increase in the use of electricity from renewable sources of the total used, which brings the weight of renewable to 43% compared with 38% in 2016. With regard to waste, 93% was sent for recovery, underlining the effectiveness of the move towards the goal of “zero waste to landfill”, that is all waste destined for recovery.

Of primary importance was the investment in the “culture of health and safety in the workplace” and in training, with the indicator of accident frequency falling by 18% in 2017 from 2016 and an investment in training that reached an average of 8 days per employee, thus exceeding for the fifth consecutive year the target of an average of 7 days per capita foreseen for years in the company’s Plans.

In 2017, further, Green Performance tyres accounted for 42% of total tyre sales (up from 40% in 2016).

With regard to the drafting of Pirelli’s policy for the sustainable management of natural rubber, in 2017 multi-stakeholder consultations were of particular importance. These included consultations with Pirelli’s main suppliers of natural rubber, international NGOs, rubber merchants and producers, automotive clients and multi-lateral international organizations.

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