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Pirelli Corporate App is the “best project” at Digital Communication Awards competition 2013

The Pirelli Corporate App was singled out as the best solution in the annual report category during the 2013 Digital Communication Awards presentation ceremony, prestigious European recognition of campaigns and projects in the field of digital communication.

For years the Pirelli annual report has had strong editorial connotations, especially the 2012 edition that was based on the initiative IMAGING THE FUTURE WITH…and had the advantage of collaboration with New Yorker cartoonist Lisa Donnelly.

IMAGING THE FUTURE WITH…through the social media invited students across the world to suggest the most significant values for the future, selected by a jury of prominent personalities of a national and international level.

The digital annual report, integrated into the Pirelli corporate digital ecosystem, comprises a special siteand four applications available for IOS, tablets and Android smartphones, proposing a series of functions that enable interactive navigation through the contents, ensuring absolute transparency. It also permits visitors to participate in the presentations of periodic financial results in live webcasts and on demand, to read the company’s latest press releases and news, to follow the Pirelli shares in the Stock Exchange and to synchronise a visitor’s diary with planned Pirelli events.

So the Pirelli Corporate App won the award because it is a resource capable of combining and synthesising data, graphics, text and documents to become a real corporate tool.
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