Sustainability Channel

Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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On Wednesday 20 November, Pirelli finalised an important collaboration agreement with the ancient and prestigious Chinese university Qufu Normal.

In particular, we will commit ourselves to supporting 25 deserving and less well-off students in order to help them complete their studies with the sum of RMB 100,000

And that’s not all. With a second project, Pirelli will help the university to keep its China Confucius web site active and support the Confucius Culture Month as a result of a donation of RMB 60,000.

Our Pirelli China colleagues invited the president of the academy, Ren Tingqi, to our production site in China, together with other important members of the university: the delegation visited our PCR factory as it did the steel cord plant and its members were really enthusiastic about the working environment, comprising high level employees and many sophisticated machines.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity during which to explain who we are and to present ourselves as one of the major tyre manufacturers, active throughout the world; a company that has in its DNA sustainability as much as it pays care and attention to its social responsibilities.

We expect to return to Qufu University as early as January: who knows, perhaps it will be there that we shall be able to find our talented new young people.