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Sustainability Channel is the communication channel towards our stakeholders interested in Sustainable approach to the business.

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Silao, Milan, 31 May 2012 – Pirelli today inaugurated a new factory in Mexico, in Silao, in the state of Guanajuato. The inauguration saw the participation of Mexico’s President, Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, and the Chairman and CEO of Pirelli, Marco Tronchetti Provera, together with the Governor of the State of Guanajuato, Héctor López Santillana, Mexico’s Minister for the Economy, Bruno Ferrari, the Mayor of Silao, Juan Tovar Torres, the Director General of ProMéxico, Carlos Guzmán, and Italy’s Ambassador to Mexico, Roberto Spinelli.

The new plant, Pirelli’s first in Mexico and the 22nd tire plant worldwide, is mainly focused on the Premium segment, producing High Performance and Ultra-High Performance tires for cars, and SUVs for the local and all Nafta area markets. The factory covers an area of 135,000 square meters and its capacity will reach 400,000 pieces by the end of this year, rising to 3.5 million in the first phase of development which ends in 2015. When fully operational in 2017, production is expected to be 5.5 million pieces.

Pirelli’s investment, already included in the industrial plan, will be around 300 million dollars from 2011 to 2015. By 2017 a further 100 million dollars will be invested for an estimated total of around 400 million dollars. The new Pirelli plant, which is equipped with the group’s most advanced technology and production processes, will create about 1,000 new jobs by 2013: 700 direct positions with the group and 300 external positions. When fully operational, the plant will add a further 700 direct employees and 100 indirect, for a total of 1,800 jobs.

Pirelli Chairman and CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera said: “The opening of the new factory in Mexico represents an important step in our international development plan. This is a country that offers excellent opportunities both because of the positive dynamic of local demand and its strategic position, making it an ideal industrial base to serve the entire Nafta area, which we think one of the most promising for the success of our Premium strategy.”

In line with Pirelli’s strategic focus on the Premium segment, in which the group aims to achieve world leadership in 2015, the production from the Silao plant will be mainly high-end and very high-end (Car and SUV) and will serve the entire Nafta area: 30% of production, in line with Pirelli’s local for local strategy, will serve growing Mexican demand, while the remaining 70% will go to the USA market and to a lesser extent Canada.

The new factory will augment the factory the group already has in the Nafta area, in Rome,  Georgia (Usa), specialized in production using MIRS technology, which has an annual output of 400,000 pieces so that Pirelli’s total production in the region in 2015 will be 3.9 million tires, rising to 5.9 million pieces in 2017. This will result in a decided strengthening of the group in this geographic area: thanks to the new factory, in fact, Pirelli will be able to increase its capacity to satisfy Nafta area demand through local production which in 2011 accounted for 6% and will rise to 11% in 2012 and finally reach 53% in 2015. The new factory in Mexico will also deliver a reduction in logistical costs, offer more efficient customer service, lead to lower imports from Brazil and free-up production capacity there which today serves the Nafta area, allowing Brazilian production to focus on the Latam area.

In the Nafta area, the tire market in the Car segment is seen growing by an average 2.1% per year to 361 million pieces at the end of 2015 and represents an opportunity for Pirelli’s international development, above all taking into account that the Premium segment is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 6%. As indicated in its industrial plan, Pirelli’s revenues in the area will amount to around 710 million euro in 2014, with an average annual growth rate from 2011 of 7.1% and will equal over 9% of total revenues at the end of 2014.

In particular, in 2014, 66% of Pirelli’s revenues in the area will come from the Premium segment (30% Medium segment and 4% Standard), a marked increase from 55% (36% Medium and 9% Standard) at the end of 2011.

In line with the strategy of constant technological innovation at Pirelli’s sites – which in 2015 will mean that 60% of production will come from factories/facilities under 10 years old – and the group’s commitment to sustainability, the new factory in Mexico is, together with the hub at Settimo Torinese, one of the most technologically advanced and was built with great attention to the reduction of its environmental impact both in terms of processes and products. In the new plant expected production will entail a great commitment to the production of tires in line with Pirelli’s “green performance” strategy, which is to say tires that combine road performance with the containment of environmental impact in terms of lower rolling resistance – which means lower fuel consumption and noise reduction.

Right from the planning stages, environmental and energy themes were given great attention at the Mexico plant, which led among other things to the creation of a center for the treatment of residual water to optimize consumption. A series of state-of-the-art sensors have also been installed throughout the factory to reduce to a minimum the wastage of water and electrical energy. In order to preserve the environmental balance, Pirelli also transplanted to the area around the factory all the trees that were uprooted for its construction.  The characteristics of the site will therefore make a significant contribution to the achievement of the environmental sustainability goals Pirelli has set itself in the industrial plan presented last November in London and which call for a reduction by 2015 of 70% in the specific consumption of water compared with 2009, a 15% improvement in specific energy efficiency and the reduction also by 2015 of specific CO2 emissions by 15%.

The “Inter Campus Pirelli Silao” programme launched

With the inauguration of the Silao factory, the “Inter Campus Pirelli Silao” project takes off. The F.C. Internazionale project, with the support of Pirelli, will offer the children of the area a meeting point where they can play sports, in particular soccer. In the first two years, the “Inter Campus Pirelli Silao” program will be to the benefit of children of the “Casa Hangar Peter Pan” Foundation (about 65 have already participated in the preliminary phase of the project), as well as around 150 children of employees of Pirelli’s production plant in Silao.

Pirelli will act as patron and guarantee sporting activities at Silao, drawing on the technical skills of the Inter Campus staff and its educational experience developed in the 24 countries in which it is active. Inter Campus trains the local educators through special courses and supplies all children participating in the program with the technical material needed for the sporting activity, including the blue and black Inter outfits, sponsored by Pirelli. In the first two years, the aim is to involve 200 children and train five local educators to manage the activities using the Inter campus methods.

The program was presented last August to the Governor of Guanajuato who appreciated the social aims of the Inter campus project. The reclamation of the area near the Pirelli plant will benefit the children participating in the project, as well as developing the social context of Silao city.


Founded in 1872, Pirelli is the fifth tyre maker in the world in terms of sales. Present in over 160 countries, at the end of the first quarter of 2012 it counted 21 tyre production sites in four continents and employed circa 36,000 people. Pirelli is a leading producer of high and very high end tyres, thanks to its commitment to R&D, an area in which it annually invests around 3% of total revenues (5.6 billion euro in 2011) or 7% of Premium segment revenues, among the highest levels of the tyre industry, with the aim of constant improvement in terms of performance, safety and containment of environmental impact. Present in sporting competitions since 1907, Pirelli is the exclusive supplier of the Superbike world championship and the most prestigious single marque championships, but above all it is the sole supplier for the Formula 1 championship for the 3-year period 2011-2013.

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The new Cinturato offers more mileage, lower rolling resistance and reduced wet braking distances – highlighted by its excellent score of ‘AA’ under the new European tyre label legislation

Also at the show: the recently introduced Series 01 truck tyres, and Pirelli’s latest motorbike products

Essen (Germany), 5 Jun 2012 – Pirelli has revealed the new Cinturato P7 Blue at the Essen tyre show, designed to offer cars with medium-sized engines increased mileage, reduced braking distances and lower rolling resistance. As well as this latest addition to the Cinturato family, Pirelli is exhibiting the latest products for cars, trucks and bikes at its stand.

CINTURATO P7 BLUE.  The Cinturato range welcomes an important newcomer, shown for the first time in Germany this week. The new P7 Blue lines up alongside the existing P7: the very first ecological tyre for cars with medium-sized engines that was launched by Pirelli in 2009. The Cinturato P7 Blue shares its environmental approach and consistent performance with the original P7 – which was an instant success both in sales and road tests – but marks a step forward when it comes to wet braking and rolling resistance, offering an extended mileage at the same time.
The Cinturato P7 Blue, shown at Essen from June 5 to 8 in size 235/45R17 XL, is already available on the European market with the first sizes: the range calls for 16 by 2012. This latest tyre from Pirelli is directly derived from the Italian firm’s experiences in Formula One™. As well as sharing a name with Pirelli’s full wet F1™ tyre, the Cinturato P7 Blue uses the same research and modelling processes as its Formula One™ counterpart. The new tyre has been designed and developed with the help of sophisticated mathematical modelling simulations, which allow Pirelli’s engineers to assess the performance and reaction of the rubber under a huge range of different conditions.

GLI ALTRI PNEUMATICI AD ESSEN.  Alongside the new Cinturato P7 Blue, Pirelli is also exhibiting at the Essen show that opens to the public today:

• Cinturato P7 (225/50 R 17), green performance for cars with medium-sized engines;

• P Zero (225/40 R 18), the Ultra High Performance tyre for supercars and sports saloons;

• Scorpion Verde (275/45 R 20), the ecological high-performance tyre for SUVs and Crossover vehicles;

• Snowcontrol 3 (205/55 16 91 H), Sottozero II (225/45 18 95V XL) and Scorpion Winter (275/45R20 XL), winter tyres for city cars, high performance cars and SUVs respectively;

• P Zero Silver, , the latest addition to the P Zero family, which uses technology and development processes seen in Formula One™. It has been created as an aftermarket product for sporting coupés and prestige saloons.
Pirelli is also displaying the latest Series 01 truck tyres at Essen, which benefit from the latest compound, structure and tread pattern innovations introduced by the research and development division:

• H:01 (315/70 R 22.5 FH:01 for steered axles and 315/70 R 22.5 TH:01 for tractor units) – tyres designed for use on motorways and trunk routes, which guarantee reduced wear on the tread pattern;

• ST:01 (435/50 R 19.5, 445/45 R 19.5, 245/70 R 17.5) for use on trailers and semi-trailers.

Pirelli motorbike tyres can also be seen on the Italian firm’s stand:

• Diablo Rosso Corsa (190/55 ZR 17), a high performance tyre for road and track use, developed for motorbikes both with and without fairings;

• Night Dragon (240/40 VR 18), developed to offer excellent performance for bikers who love custom bikes such as Harley Davidson;

• Scorpion Trail (190/55 ZR 17), a road-going enduro tyre, designed for trail bikes that are mostly used on the road;

• Scorpion MX 554 Mid Hard (110/85 – 19 => Breite 127mm, Umfang 692mm), developed for medium and hard terrain, taking in sand and gravel surfaces as well as the stony surfaces often found on motocross circuits.

EUROPEAN LABEL Some aspects of the performance of the new Cinturato P7 Blue are summarised by the new European label. This will become compulsory for all tyres supplied to cars and commercial vehicles from 1 November 2012. The latest addition to the Cinturato range claims top marks in rolling resistance and wet braking – ‘AA’ and ‘AB’ in different sizes– underlining the cutting edge technology within Pirelli’s premium tyre range, of which the new Blue is an important part. Pirelli’s ecological truck tyres also take maximum scores: the Super Single ST:01, for example, is rated ‘A’ in wet grip, while the FH:01 scores ‘B’ in rolling resistance. The full scores for Pirelli’s entire truck range will be available from 1 July.

Pirelli’s Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Boiocchi commented: “The new European tyre label regulations present an opportunity for the consumer to know more about three important parameters: rolling resistance, noise and wet braking. This will help them to evaluate and choose their tyres, but at the same time, it is not enough to paint the whole picture of a tyre’s characteristics. The overall assessment of a tyre needs to include other parameters too, such as dry braking and roadholding on both wet and dry surfaces – on straight sections as well as through corners. The label does not currently include information about mileage and how easy it is to re-tread the tyres – which is essential for trucks – nor does it make any specific reference to criteria needed to judge winter tyres. So the correct advice from specialised dealers is still invaluable when it comes to matching a tyre with a customer’s exact requirements.”.

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On Wednesday 20 November, Pirelli finalised an important collaboration agreement with the ancient and prestigious Chinese university Qufu Normal.

In particular, we will commit ourselves to supporting 25 deserving and less well-off students in order to help them complete their studies with the sum of RMB 100,000

And that’s not all. With a second project, Pirelli will help the university to keep its China Confucius web site active and support the Confucius Culture Month as a result of a donation of RMB 60,000.

Our Pirelli China colleagues invited the president of the academy, Ren Tingqi, to our production site in China, together with other important members of the university: the delegation visited our PCR factory as it did the steel cord plant and its members were really enthusiastic about the working environment, comprising high level employees and many sophisticated machines.

The meeting was an excellent opportunity during which to explain who we are and to present ourselves as one of the major tyre manufacturers, active throughout the world; a company that has in its DNA sustainability as much as it pays care and attention to its social responsibilities.

We expect to return to Qufu University as early as January: who knows, perhaps it will be there that we shall be able to find our talented new young people.