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Pirelli ST:01 BASE™ is born

Our new truck tyre for trailers and semi-trailers

The range of tyres for the medium and long range transport segment has been completed with a new cover that exalts safety and minimises management costs as a result of its energy efficiency, high mileage, remouldability, reduced noise level and use of innovative materials. With the ST:01 Base™, Pirelli continues to enrich its offer of products for commercial vehicles with a new tyre that joins the other two trailer and semi-trailer products already in the catalogue, ST:01 Neverending™ and the Formula Trailer™. In particular, the ST:01 Neverending™ is the first Pirelli product to have been judged double A class by the European Label for rolling resistance and wet grip, and is the jewel in our crown for trailer and semi-trailer equipment, including for its remouldability. For efficient management in the rear area of the vehicle there is Formula Trailer™, which has four longitudinal tread grooves with a zigzag progression to improve transversal grip and braking performance, including in the wet.

With the new ST:01 Base™ – characterised by its innovative materials and optimisation of wear, born of a patent registered by Pirelli – we cover all the various requirement typologies of transport operators.

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Pirelli Awarded by Fiat Chrysler Group

In April, once more, Pirelli has received the Quality Award, given annually to the best suppliers of Fiat Chrysler Group in Latin America, in several categories. Pirelli was awarded in the category “Chemical Materials”.

With the theme “Hands in the present, looking to the future”, this was the 24th edition of the award, which recognized the performance of the top suppliers of 2012 in quality, innovation, competitiveness and service level.

This recognition reinforces the successful partnership between Pirelli and Fiat Chrysler Group, and attests even more the quality of products and services offered by Pirelli to its customers.

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Pirelli green innovation

A technologically advanced and eco-compatible activity for Pirelli in Brazil. In the factory at Meleiro, a city in the south of the country noted for its cultivation of rice, we are developing and using a process for the extraction of silica, essential to tyre production, from rice chaff. The discovery was reported by one of the world’s most prestigious weekly publication, The Economist, in an article devoted to Pirelli in which it also pointed out the environmental benefits derived from the use of a substance such as rice chaff.

Instead of being thrown away, the silica made from chaff is used to reduce tyres’ rolling resistance and increase the vehicle’s efficiency; in addition, the rice’s husks are subsequently used to provide the energy needed for the extraction process.

Southern Brazil offers ideal environmental characteristics for the cultivation of rice, but Pirelli does not exclude the possibility of also exporting this virtuous model of collaboration with the local community, which has enabled us to grow in Brazil in the area of research, to other countries in which it operates.