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Pirelli green innovation

A technologically advanced and eco-compatible activity for Pirelli in Brazil. In the factory at Meleiro, a city in the south of the country noted for its cultivation of rice, we are developing and using a process for the extraction of silica, essential to tyre production, from rice chaff. The discovery was reported by one of the world’s most prestigious weekly publication, The Economist, in an article devoted to Pirelli in which it also pointed out the environmental benefits derived from the use of a substance such as rice chaff.

Instead of being thrown away, the silica made from chaff is used to reduce tyres’ rolling resistance and increase the vehicle’s efficiency; in addition, the rice’s husks are subsequently used to provide the energy needed for the extraction process.

Southern Brazil offers ideal environmental characteristics for the cultivation of rice, but Pirelli does not exclude the possibility of also exporting this virtuous model of collaboration with the local community, which has enabled us to grow in Brazil in the area of research, to other countries in which it operates.

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The new Cinturato offers more mileage, lower rolling resistance and reduced wet braking distances – highlighted by its excellent score of ‘AA’ under the new European tyre label legislation

Also at the show: the recently introduced Series 01 truck tyres, and Pirelli’s latest motorbike products

Essen (Germany), 5 Jun 2012 – Pirelli has revealed the new Cinturato P7 Blue at the Essen tyre show, designed to offer cars with medium-sized engines increased mileage, reduced braking distances and lower rolling resistance. As well as this latest addition to the Cinturato family, Pirelli is exhibiting the latest products for cars, trucks and bikes at its stand.

CINTURATO P7 BLUE.  The Cinturato range welcomes an important newcomer, shown for the first time in Germany this week. The new P7 Blue lines up alongside the existing P7: the very first ecological tyre for cars with medium-sized engines that was launched by Pirelli in 2009. The Cinturato P7 Blue shares its environmental approach and consistent performance with the original P7 – which was an instant success both in sales and road tests – but marks a step forward when it comes to wet braking and rolling resistance, offering an extended mileage at the same time.
The Cinturato P7 Blue, shown at Essen from June 5 to 8 in size 235/45R17 XL, is already available on the European market with the first sizes: the range calls for 16 by 2012. This latest tyre from Pirelli is directly derived from the Italian firm’s experiences in Formula One™. As well as sharing a name with Pirelli’s full wet F1™ tyre, the Cinturato P7 Blue uses the same research and modelling processes as its Formula One™ counterpart. The new tyre has been designed and developed with the help of sophisticated mathematical modelling simulations, which allow Pirelli’s engineers to assess the performance and reaction of the rubber under a huge range of different conditions.

GLI ALTRI PNEUMATICI AD ESSEN.  Alongside the new Cinturato P7 Blue, Pirelli is also exhibiting at the Essen show that opens to the public today:

• Cinturato P7 (225/50 R 17), green performance for cars with medium-sized engines;

• P Zero (225/40 R 18), the Ultra High Performance tyre for supercars and sports saloons;

• Scorpion Verde (275/45 R 20), the ecological high-performance tyre for SUVs and Crossover vehicles;

• Snowcontrol 3 (205/55 16 91 H), Sottozero II (225/45 18 95V XL) and Scorpion Winter (275/45R20 XL), winter tyres for city cars, high performance cars and SUVs respectively;

• P Zero Silver, , the latest addition to the P Zero family, which uses technology and development processes seen in Formula One™. It has been created as an aftermarket product for sporting coupés and prestige saloons.
Pirelli is also displaying the latest Series 01 truck tyres at Essen, which benefit from the latest compound, structure and tread pattern innovations introduced by the research and development division:

• H:01 (315/70 R 22.5 FH:01 for steered axles and 315/70 R 22.5 TH:01 for tractor units) – tyres designed for use on motorways and trunk routes, which guarantee reduced wear on the tread pattern;

• ST:01 (435/50 R 19.5, 445/45 R 19.5, 245/70 R 17.5) for use on trailers and semi-trailers.

Pirelli motorbike tyres can also be seen on the Italian firm’s stand:

• Diablo Rosso Corsa (190/55 ZR 17), a high performance tyre for road and track use, developed for motorbikes both with and without fairings;

• Night Dragon (240/40 VR 18), developed to offer excellent performance for bikers who love custom bikes such as Harley Davidson;

• Scorpion Trail (190/55 ZR 17), a road-going enduro tyre, designed for trail bikes that are mostly used on the road;

• Scorpion MX 554 Mid Hard (110/85 – 19 => Breite 127mm, Umfang 692mm), developed for medium and hard terrain, taking in sand and gravel surfaces as well as the stony surfaces often found on motocross circuits.

EUROPEAN LABEL Some aspects of the performance of the new Cinturato P7 Blue are summarised by the new European label. This will become compulsory for all tyres supplied to cars and commercial vehicles from 1 November 2012. The latest addition to the Cinturato range claims top marks in rolling resistance and wet braking – ‘AA’ and ‘AB’ in different sizes– underlining the cutting edge technology within Pirelli’s premium tyre range, of which the new Blue is an important part. Pirelli’s ecological truck tyres also take maximum scores: the Super Single ST:01, for example, is rated ‘A’ in wet grip, while the FH:01 scores ‘B’ in rolling resistance. The full scores for Pirelli’s entire truck range will be available from 1 July.

Pirelli’s Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Boiocchi commented: “The new European tyre label regulations present an opportunity for the consumer to know more about three important parameters: rolling resistance, noise and wet braking. This will help them to evaluate and choose their tyres, but at the same time, it is not enough to paint the whole picture of a tyre’s characteristics. The overall assessment of a tyre needs to include other parameters too, such as dry braking and roadholding on both wet and dry surfaces – on straight sections as well as through corners. The label does not currently include information about mileage and how easy it is to re-tread the tyres – which is essential for trucks – nor does it make any specific reference to criteria needed to judge winter tyres. So the correct advice from specialised dealers is still invaluable when it comes to matching a tyre with a customer’s exact requirements.”.

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Pirelli Ambiente and Intesa Sanpaolo associates in renewable energy with entry in GWM RE II

The shareholder structure of GWM Renewable Energy II (Gwm Re II), the vehicle which controls the renewable energy activities of the GWM group, has been strengthened. Pirelli Ambiente, through its unit Solar Utility, has taken a 16.87% stake and Intesa Sanpaolo group has taken a 12.5% stake. GWM Renewable Energy will hold the remaining 70.63%.

Pirelli Ambiente and Intesa Sanpaolo will participate in a project of international scale in the renewable energy sector. GWM Re II aims to become a significant player in the European renewable energy field. The company’s portfolio already includes 42 Megawatts of photovoltaic capacity in Italy and in Spain, over 222 Megawatt of wind power operating in four countries, and 52 Megawatts under construction through the Danish company Greentech in which it holds a stake of around 20%.

Solar Utility’s entry will require a total investment of approximately 25 million euros, of which 10 million euro will be in cash and the remainder through the re-investment of the revenue deriving from the sale of its stake in GP Energia Spa, a joint venture constituted last year with GWM Renewable Energy into which Solar Utility conferred its photovoltaic activities. The agreement is part of Pirelli Ambiente’s drive to simplify its holdings and identify strategic partners to develop its activities and to enhance the value of its know-how through minority shareholdings.

Intesa Sanpaolo will enter the company with an investment of about 20 million euros, which demonstrates its great interest in the renewable energy sector and confirms its support for the country’s entrepreneurship.

“We are pleased with this Partnership, very much wanted by all, which brings together industrial and financial partners with the founding group which has an international mission thanks to the partners of Gruppo GWM and Gruppo Rottapharm-Madaus. With over 220MW in operation and 52MW under construction, including wind energy and photovoltaic, and active in 6 European countries, together with our affiliate Greentech, listed on Copenaghen’s Nasdaq, we aim to shortly be among the Top 10 producers of renewable energy in Europe with a development of over 900MW and a prospective in the environmental and water treatment sectors of the highest profile at the international level. Intesa Sanpaolo’s involvement will contribute to our development plan both in terms of ratings and coverage and financial support in the countries where the bank is present. The renewed commitment of the Pirelli group which is increasing its position in our Holding also adds to our potential both in terms of new technological solutions and its presence in emerging countries” said Mr.Eugenio de Blasio, chief executive of the GWM Renewable Energy group.

Pirelli Ambiente is the Pirelli group company specialized in technologies and solutions for sustainable development and activities in the renewable energy sector and the energy efficiency of buildings. Last year Solar Utility, the unit constituted in 2007 to invest in photovoltaic, formed an alliance with GWM Renewable Energy which led to the conferral of its activities into GP Energia, controlled by GWM Renewable Energ SpA, (“GWM RE”), a company which invests in renewable sources held by GWM Group,  an international financial group founded over 10 years ago by Sigieri Diaz della Vittoria Pallavicini.

Intesa Sanpaolo is among the top banking groups in the euro zone, with a market capitalisation of 29.8 billion euro (at 30 June 2011), and leader in Italy in all business areas (retail, corporate and wealth management). Thanks to a network of approximately 5,700 branches capillary and well distributed throughout the country, with market shares above 15% in most Italian regions, the Group offers its services to about 11 million customers. Intesa Sanpaolo has a selected presence in Central-Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern and North African countries with a network of more than 1,700 branches and 8.3 million customers of subsidiaries operating in retail and commercial banking in 13 countries. Moreover, the international network specialised in supporting corporate customers is present in 29 countries, in particular the Middle Eastern and North African area and those areas where Italian companies are most active, such as the United States, Russia, China and India.

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