The Regulation (EU) 2020/740 of the European Parliament that will come into force on 1st May 2021 for all European Union countries, sets new rules on tyres labelling with respect to fuel efficiency and other parameters and it is applicable to C1, C2 and C3 tyres that are placed on the market.

This new Regulation establishes a framework for the provision of harmonised information on tyre parameters through labelling, to allow end-users to make an informed choice when purchasing tyres.

This is for the purpose of increasing safety, the protection of health, and the economic and environmental efficiency of road transport, by promoting fuel‐efficient, long‐lasting safe tyres with low noise levels. The new Regulation will allow more tyres with high performance levels, in terms of safety and sustainability1, to be present in the market.

In order to facilitate the monitoring of compliance, to provide a useful tool for end-users and to allow alternative ways for distributors to receive product information, the Regulation states that any new and further information must be included in the product database (European Product Database for Energy Labelling – EPREL), established under Regulation (EU) 2017/1369.


  1. New title “ENERGY”.
  2. QR code, with direct access to EPREL database.
  3. Trade name or trademark of the supplier.
  4. Tyre size with Speed Code and Load Index.
  5. Fuel efficiency pictogram, scale and 5 performance classes: A represents the class with the lowest Rolling Resistance value, which in turn offers the best fuel efficiency value and lowest Environmental impact.
  6. Wet grip pictogram, scale and 5 performance classes: A represents the class with the highest braking grip value in wet conditions.
  7. External rolling noise pictogram, value (expressed in dB (A) and rounded to the nearest integer) and 3 performance classes.
  8. Any further pictograms used to represent Snow and Ice Grip characteristics2.

Label values are reported

The Label, illustrated above, will be placed on each tyres, to ensure that the end-user can easily see the information and make an informed decision when purchasing the product.

1Road safety and fuel savings depend heavily on the behaviour of drivers: eco‐driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption, tyre pressure must be checked regularly to optimisefuel efficiency, and wet grip and stopping distances must always be respected.

2Ice Grip tyres are specifically designed for road surfaces covered with ice and compact snow, and should only be used in very severe climate conditions, (e.g. cold temperatures) and it should be noted that using ice grip tyres in less severe climate conditions (e.g. wet conditions or warmer temperatures) could result in sub‐optimal performance, in particular for wet grip, handling and wear.
eco label new


The end-user can look directly for energy labels and product information sheets in the product database (EPREL) using the QR-code that is printed on the Label. All end-users will receive an information sheet with all of the tyre data, as shown in the example below:
Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/740
Supplier name or trademark PIRELLI
Commercial name or trade designation PZERO
Tyre type identifier 28119
Tyre size deisgnation 265/50R19
Load - Capacity Index 110
Speed category symbol W
Fuel efficiency class B
Wet grip class B
External rolling noise class 70 dB
Severe snow tyre No
Ice tyre No
Date of start of production 12/18
Date of end of production -
Load version XL
Additional information  

For further information regarding the new tyre labelling system, please visit the official European Commission website. 

*For information about how this legislation will be adopted in the United Kingdom, please read here: Tyre Industry Professionals - The British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (BTMA) (

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