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4X4 tyres: SUV and off-road

Are you looking for SUV & Crossover vehicle tyres? Pirelli has you covered with a wide selection of tyres designed for a specific vehicle and use, from compact CUVs to full-sized pickup trucks.

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There are a number of different factors to consider when choosing a tyre for an SUV or a Crossover vehicle. Firstly, you need to consider the lifespan and performance of the tyre and whether you intend to use it all year round. The tyres in this catalogue have been chosen to provide the best performance and safety to those who own these particular types of vehicles.

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What is an SUV tyre?

SUV tyres are designed for driving comfort and standard asphalt roads. They usually feature a particular sidewall construction that helps reduce tyre distortion when driving. They generate less noise and fewer vibrations, which makes them suitable for everyday use and longer journeys, provided they are used on the road.
There are five different types of r tyres for SUVs: touring, grand touring, motorway, off-road, and RUN FLAT.


What is a good all season tyre for an SUV?

Pirelli all-season tyres. combine the features of both winter and summer tyres to create a tyre that can be used all year round, even when the winter is mild. The Cinturato P7™ All Season offers a quiet and comfortable ride in any condition, with the Cinturato P7™ All Season Plus delivering even higher performance and long-lasting treadwear.

What is a good winter tyre for an SUV?

Pirelli winter tyres are produced from a compound that offers optimal grip and a high level of traction, reducing the risk of aquaplaning in the wet. P Zero™ Winter tyres provide high performance during winter weather conditions. The Winter Sottozero™ product family provides an increased sense of control, efficient grip when braking and through corners under acceleration.

What is a good summer tyre for an SUV?

Pirelli summer tyres are designed to make them extremely reliable even at high temperatures. Their low profile provides low rolling resistance, optimal grip on the road surface, and reduced braking distances. The P Zero™ (PZ4) is the perfect fit for the performance of every car, combining Pirelli’s motorsport background with its partnerships with top car manufacturers. For even higher performance on road or track, you can’t look past the P Zero™ Corsa (PZC4).

What are the best Pirelli SUV and Crossover vehicle tyres?

When it comes to SUV and Crossover tyres, you need look no further than Pirelli’s Scorpion™ Verde All Season tyres, which not only provide high performance and great traction at any time of year, but also boast an optimised profile and innovative materials that respect the environment by reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.