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Of the five different product families in the vast catalogue of Pirelli tyres, one has been specifically designed and produced for van owners. Over the last few years, this type of vehicle has become faster and more versatile. As such, Pirelli decided to respond to the new requirements of van owners and drivers with a series of products in the Pirelli Carrier™ family.

The Pirelli Carrier™ summer tyres guarantee a high tyre mileage with excellent rolling resistance and offer a high level of safety on wet roads. The Pirelli Carrier™ range covers around 98% of the sizes on the European spare parts market.

In addition to the Pirelli Carrier™ summer tyres, Pirelli has also produced Carrier™ Winter, which ensure a high tyre mileage, regular consumption and high levels of safety in any winter conditions, whether on dry or wet surfaces or on snow.

For drivers looking for a tyre that can be used all year round without having to replace it in winter or summer, the Carrier™ All Season tyres are ideal. They ensure great handling, a high tyre mileage, good rolling resistance, excellent performance in all conditions and they are at the top of their category in terms of safety on wet roads.

The Pirelli catalogue offers a wide selection of Carrier™ tyres for summer, winter or all seasons. Choose the most suitable product for your vehicle and your specific requirements and find your nearest official Pirelli dealer.