Reduced braking distance and optimized to reduce the risk of aquaplaning

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About New Cinturato P7

Wet Braking

Shorter braking

Our new tread design helps you reduce braking distances, whilst enhanced performance in difficult weather conditions ensures a reduced risk of aquaplaning

Reduce the braking distance
up to 4 meters*


Better performance, less risk of wet-road slide

Wide and uniform footprint in any conditions to provide grip for a safer drive

Cinturato P7 - Better performance, less risk of wet-road slide
Cinturato P7 - Better performance, less risk of wet-road slide


Innovative tread compound material optimized to improve your drive

Our researchers have developed a new compound, providing you with a better tread pattern and safer driving experience

----++++Cinturato p7
High molecular weight composition
Increased durability and improved mechanical properties
Special grip enhancer
Better wet handling and braking
New functionalized synthetic polymer
High level of performance
Full silica compound
Providing wide temperature working range for stable performance
Cinturato P7 - Three solid central ribsCinturato P7 - Four wide longitudinal groovesCinturato P7 - Chamfered tread designCinturato P7 - Chamfered tread design
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Three solid central ribs

Our optimized, more rigid tread pattern enables you to enjoy improved braking and traction, even at high speeds

Four wide longitudinal grooves

Thanks to faster water expulsion, you will experience improved safety and control in potential aquaplaning situations

Chamfered tread design

Even when cornering, you are assured of optimal pressure distribution in critical braking conditions

Enjoy no stress mobility

Pirelli’s Run Flat and Seal Inside technologies guarantee non stop mobility

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Run Flat

No-pressure drive

With our Run Flat technology, your safety is assured. You can continue your drive for up to 80km

Cinturato P7 - No-pressure driveCinturato P7 - No-pressure drive
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Seal Inside

Puncture Control

In the event of a puncture, Pirelli’s Self-Sealing tyres ensure you uninterrupted driving pleasure and peace of mind

How it worksPhase 1Phase 2
How it works Phase 1 Phase 2

The sealing mastic sticks to the object causing the puncture and creates a seal if it remains in the tyre

On removing the object, the sealing mastic is “drawn” back inside the tyre, sealing the edges of the puncture

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