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How long are you covered

Your refund overview

When covered by the TYRELIFE™ guarantee, you are eligible for a refund. This refund amount will differ based on the time that has elapsed since your original tyre purchase date, to the date damage occurred. For example, you will see that if 7-12 months has passed since the purchase date, you are eligible for a 25% reimbursement.

0-3 months
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4-6 months
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7-12 months
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When you can use your guarantee

Tyrelife™ will protect you

Whether you suffer a puncture or damage the sidewall of your tyre from a kerb or a pothole, TYRELIFE™ will protect you.

Using your guarantee

What to do in the event of damage

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Frequently asked questions

What if I want to make a claim after one year of purchase?

Unfortunately you can only claim for Tyrelife within the first year of purchase.

Why won’t the website accept the DOT code I am trying to enter?
The website is configured to only allow valid purchases. Please make sure the tyre you are trying to register is 18” or above. If the tyre is 17” or below, the website will not accept the DOT code.
How will I be refunded if my claim is successful?
You will be asked to submit your bank details when making a claim and we will refund you via a BACS transfer.
How long does it take to process a claim?
Claims will be processed within 28 days of submission.
What if there are no Pirelli Performance Centres near where I live?
Unfortunately this promotion is only valid for tyres bought at a Pirelli Performance Centre (PPC). Keep an eye out at Pirelli.co.uk/ppc to see if a new PPC becomes available in your area.
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