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Limited Treadwear Mileage Warranty and 30 day Trial offer on Plus product


All new purchases of a set of four (4) replacement tires, bearing the Pirelli brand and DOT tire identification numbers, purchased from an authorized Pirelli dealer located in the 50 United States or District of Columbia, and being one of the tire lines listed below.

Confidence Plan


If you are not satisfied with your new set of four (4) Pirelli tires, you can exchange it for a new set of four (4) Pirelli tires at the original place of purchase, within 30 days from the original date of purchase.


  • Within 30 days of your original purchase date, return the set of eligible Pirelli tires you wish to replace to the original place of purchase along with the original purchase sales receipt.
  • You must explain your reason(s) for dissatisfaction with the eligible Pirelli tires to the Dealer, fill-out and sign the dealer-supplied copy of the Pirelli Claim Form.
  • Select the set of four (4) Pirelli tires that you would like to exchange for the original eligible Pirelli tires. In cases where there is not a replacement Pirelli tread pattern that is different from the returned set, the replacement set of tires will be the same tread pattern as the returned set.
  • Dealer service of tire removal, replacement, mounting and balancing will be free of charge.
  • A copy of the original purchase sales receipt and the replacement tire set sales receipt must be attached to the Pirelli Claim Form.


  • Returned eligible Pirelli Tires must be exchanged for a full set of four (4) new Pirelli tires, no partial returns or exchanges allowed.
  • If you choose a replacement set with a higher price than your returned set, you must pay the difference in price, including any applicable taxes and fees.
  • If you choose a replacement set with a lower price than your returned set, you will be refunded the difference in price, including any applicable taxes and fees.
  • This plan does not apply to tire sets with any ride/vibration/uniformity issues. For these issues, please see our standard warranty, details available at US.Pirelli.com. The standard warranty terms would then apply. No cash refunds will otherwise be given.
  • Offer excludes tires that are worn more than 2/32”, damaged due to misuse or misapplication, road hazards, and mechanical problems related to the vehicle, (such as improper inflation, misalignment, imbalance of wheels, worn suspension parts, etc.); use in any racing-related activities or competitive events; vandalism; accident; any willful abuse or misuse; or tires that are removed from the original vehicle on which they were installed.
  • The 30 Day Trial Offer does not apply to the set of tires which replaces the original set purchased.


Pirelli warrants that the above listed tires will last for the described odometer miles from the point of original retail purchase. The authorized Pirelli dealer will determine the replacement tire cost by multiplying the percentage of the mileage obtained by the current dealer selling price. Additional exclusions may apply, please see the “What Is Not Covered by the Warranty?” section of the Pirelli Warranty at US.Pirelli.com.


  • The owner must present the tires along with proof of purchase to any authorized Pirelli Dealer.
  • You are the original purchaser of the tires and have a copy of the original invoice showing the application mileage.
  • You are the owner of the vehicle on which the tires were originally installed.
  • The tires are replacement tires (Mileage Warranty does not apply to Original Equipment Tires).
  • You had the tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. The tires are worn evenly across the tread, down to the treadwear indicator (2/32”) at which time they are considered to be 100% worn out.
  • There cannot be more than a 2/32’ tread depth difference across the tire. Your servicing Pirelli dealer has completed the Tire Rotation Record. Passenger and P-Metric Light Truck tires are not covered for mileage when used on commercial vehicles or for commercial applications.
  • For vehicles equipped with staggered size fitments (different tire sizes front and rear), the mileage warranty for the rear tires will be 50% of the stated mileage warranty for that line.
  • RUN FLAT tires will have a mileage warranty of 50% of the stated mileage warranty for that line, not to exceed 30,000 miles, whichever is lower.


  • Tires on any vehicle registered and normally operated outside The United States of America or Canada.
  • Tires transferred from the vehicle on which they were originally installed.
  • Tires which are misapplied due to insufficient Speed Rating, Load Index, undersized or oversized tires.
  • Tires damaged from improper mounting/demounting practices, vandalism, accident, or any willful abuse or misuse.
  • Tire dealer/retailer services: mounting, dismounting, balancing, studding, tire rotation, or wheel alignment.
  • Additional exclusions may apply, please see the “What Is Not Covered by the Warranty?” section of the Pirelli Warranty.