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All-Season tire catalog

Pirelli all-season tires perfectly combine the specific features of Pirelli summer tires with those of the winter tires. The result is a tire that can be used all year-round, even in mild winter conditions.

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These revolutionary tires have a low impact on the environment and feature Seal-Inside™ technology, allowing you to continue driving after a puncture.

Pirelli offers the Cinturato P7™ All Season and the Cinturato P7™ All Season Plus tires with enhanced performance for those driving in urban areas seeking an innovative and alternative mobility solution.

The Cinturato P7™ All Season Plus II and P7™ AS Plus 3 tires are designed for premium sedans and coupes and are developed to meet the needs of drivers in the North American market.

P Zero™ All Season, P Zero™ Nero All Season, P Zero™ AS Plus 3 and P Zero™ All Season Plus tires guarantee top driving performance in all weather conditions.

The range of all weather car tires also includes the following models: Scorpion™ MS, Scorpion™ Zero, Scorpion™ All Season Plus 3, Scorpion™ Zero All Season, Scorpion™ Zero All Season Plus, Scorpion™ Zero Asimmetrico, Scorpion™ Verde All Season, Scorpion™ Verde All Season Plus, Scorpion Verde™ All Season Plus II, Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus, Scorpion™ ATR, and Scorpion™ STR. Finally, the P4™ Persist AS Plus model is perfect for coupes, sedans and minivans.

To choose the best all-season tires for your vehicle, take a look at the specific features of each model mentioned above and request a quote from Pirelli.