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Electric vehicle (EV) tires

Are you looking for EV tires? Pirelli designed ELECT™ tires can help you enjoy every ride into an emission-free future.

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EVs or electric vehicles are transforming the car tire market. Pirelli had this in mind when it produced a new catalog of tires specifically for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. This range includes passenger car tires and SUV tires. EV and plug-in hybrid cars are typically heavier than motorized cars due to the weight of the battery.

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When choosing tires for your electric car there are many different factors to consider. Selecting the correct tires can significantly extend the life of your car’s battery, giving you peace of mind on longer drives. Specific EV tires are also designed to deplete less energy showcasing low rolling resistance. Finally, electric vehicles are much quieter than traditional internal combustion engine cars so tire noise naturally becomes more noticeable. Choosing a tire specifically engineered to reduce in-cabin noise is important.
When it comes to tires for electric cars, size matters. Wider tires provide better handling because more width means enhanced road contact, aiding grip.
In simple terms, the main difference between an electric car and a hybrid car is the way each vehicle is powered. An electric car runs exclusively on battery power while a hybrid vehicle switches seamlessly between electric energy and a combination of gas and electric power.


There are no legal requirements to fit specific tires to an electric car, as long as the tires are roadworthy. However, you could be failing to use the car to its full potential or are losing out on tire durability when you don’t consider tires that are more suitable for an electric car. Heavier and quieter tires with thicker sidewalls support EVs to perform at their best and improve their grip on the road surface.
The most fuel-efficient tires for hybrid vehicles are those engineered to offer low rolling resistance. These tires are designed to run more smoothly, thereby using less energy than traditional tires. Hybrid tires also tend to be lighter due to the compounds used, enhancing fuel economy without compromising traction.
Drivers of hybrid cars may notice that fuel-efficient tires will increase the fuel mileage and battery range of their vehicle, consequently lowering fuel costs. Fuel-efficient tires also reduce your carbon emissions, making your vehicle run cleaner. As with any tires, it is important to check their pressure regularly and carry out regular vehicle maintenance.