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Meet our newest ALL-SEASON PLUS 3 Tire
Pirelli's All-Season (AS) PLUS 3 products, designed for a wide array of vehicle types, carry limited mileage warranties, showcase all-season performance and a comfortable ride - all of which define the driving experience North American consumers have come to expect.


The newest Pirelli Ultra-High-Performance replacement tire for driving enthusiasts behind the wheel of traditional, hybrid and electric vehicles.
Dedicated to premium SUVs and pickups, this tire combines the sporty performance of the Pirelli ‘Zero’ product offering with Pirelli’s ‘Plus’ line comfort and durability. They are designed to improve handling and braking in an array of weather conditions and include a high 50,000 mile limited warranty

Drive an electric or hybrid vehicle?
12 of the 24 SCORPION™ ZERO AS PLUS 3 sizes are engineered with Pirelli's ELECT™ technology to support the unique needs of EV's. Discover more

What’s New

Built for SUVs
Pirelli's SCORPION™ tire family line is specifically designed for the unique characteristics of SUVs and pickup trucks. SCORPION™ lines have stiffer sidewall structures to cope with larger load transfers that inherently come with these vehicle types, giving drivers confidence that their product is the right fit for their vehicle and lifestyle.
Tough & Technically Advanced Compounds
The SCORPION™ ZERO AS PLUS 3 is a UHP tire designed for broad driving conditions with a longer tread life than a summer specific tire and it carries a 50,000 mile limited treadwear warranty.
Made in the USA
The new SCORPION™ ZERO AS PLUS 3 is manufactured in the USA at our factory in Rome, Georgia.
Cold Weather Ready
All-Season tires are 3 season tires which can handle temperature changes that dip as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit making most US states ideal for running SCORPION™ ZERO AS PLUS 3 tires year-round.

AS PLUS 3 Family Benefits

Life is noisy, tires shouldn’t be…
Commute in quiet comfort. The entire AS PLUS 3 line is built for a quiet ride so no matter if you are driving an SUV, pickup or car you can take advantage of our quiet design. We want you to enjoy your moments of peace and quiet to the fullest.
THE PIRELLI WARRANTY, the Pirelli Promise
Every PLUS line tire in the Pirelli range is covered by our limited treadwear warranty that comes with our 30-day trial offer. The AS PLUS 3 lines champion this promise and carry 50,000 & 70,000 mile limited warranties. Enjoy Pirelli's peace of mind – you deserve it.


The ELECT™ marking on the sidewall identifies Pirelli tires, specifically developed for high performance electric and plug-in vehicles, in line with the Perfect Fit strategy.


  • ELECT™ tires are specifically designed with enhanced grip to manage high torque and include reinforced structures to cope with EV weights, which tend to be heavier than traditional vehicles.
  • ELECT™ tires, engineered to dissipate less energy thanks to low rolling resistance, which enables up to 10% gain in battery range.1
  • ELECT™ tires are specifically designed to reduce perceived in-cabin noise by up to 20%2 for you to enjoy a more comfortable drive. Electric vehicles are quieter than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, therefore tire noise is more noticeable.
  • Electric vehicles can generate stronger stresses on tire wear and tear. Pirelli’s new ELECT™ technology offers a 15% improvement in wear compared to a non-ELECT™ product3.
  • ELECT™ tires also aim to minimize waste of raw materials during the design and testing phases.
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1 ~20% Rolling Resistance reduction vs a non-ELECT™ tire. Comparison between PIRELLI SCORPION™ ELECT™ and PIRELLI SCORPION™ tires on size 235/60/R18. Source: Internal Pirelli R&D tests carried out between March - June 2022 on a Volkswagen iD4, measuring the reduction of rolling resistance and the equivalent battery range gain. The measurement has been conducted through instrumented conditions and at constant speed (@50km/h) in a range of 550 km.
2 Comparison between Pirelli P ZERO™ ELECT™ tires and Pirelli P ZERO™ tires of the same size. Source: Pirelli R&D internal tests.
3 Comparison between PIRELLI SCORPION™ ELECT™ and PIRELLI SCORPION™ tires on size 255/50R20. Source: Pirelli R&D internal tests carried out in November 2022 on an Audi e-Tron. In cabin noise has been measured at different speed - 40-60-80-110 Km/h - and on different types of surfaces (smooth / rough asphalt). In all eight combinations (speed/asphalt) ELECT™ tires resulted in less perceived internal noise, on average by around -0.6DB and up to -0.8DB.