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Choose your tires in 4 simple steps

Choosing new tires may seem difficult, but it only takes 4 steps to find the Pirelli Perfect Fit for your vehicle.

Fit on your vehicle
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Follow this easy step to find the right tires for your vehicle.
Select one of the following options to continue.
Find your tire size
The tire size is usually listed in these 3 places:
Learn how to read tire size and numbers.
Owner's manual
Inside the driver's door: tire placard sticker
Tire sidewall
Start searching
You can search by your car’s details or directly by the tire size you are looking for. Click on “Fit on your vehicle” in the yellow bar.
Start searching
Choose the perfect fit for you
Use the search filters to find the perfect fit: view all of the tires best suited to your needs.
Choose the perfect fit for you
Book your appointment
Once you have chosen your tires, use our click-to-buy option to purchase our tires through a selected partner that has your tire in stock or use our dealer locator to find authorized Pirelli dealers in your area.
Book your appointment
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