Tires for your tire size 265/70R17 121S

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Want to buy a 265/70R17 121S tire but don’t know which is the best solution for your car? In the Pirelli catalogue, you can find a selection of 265/70R17 121S Tires, compare their technical features in detail and choose the tire that fully meets your expectations. Pirelli dealers are also ready to help you through all stages of your purchase, providing any information you need. The 265/70R17 121S tire has the following features: the first three digits 265 refer to the width of the tire in millimetres. The second two-digit number 70 refers to the ratio between the height of the sidewall and the width of the tire. R stands for “Radial” and the last two figures 17 indicate the wheel diameter in inches. The size ends with the load index 121, which is the maximum weight that each wheel can support, and the speed rating S, which is the maximum speed at which the tire is approved for use. Filter the Tires by season: winter, all season and summer; we have a complete catalogue for all weather conditions and types of car: economy cars, SUVs and sports cars. Browse the best selection of Pirelli 265/70R17 121S Tires now and buy Tires for your car with complete peace of mind.


By selecting a vehicle, the interactive application will show you the Pirelli tire most suited to your vehicle according to its technical features and homologation and a list of sizes that can replace those originally fitted.