Pirelli offers 17 inch tires in a wide variety of widths and heights to fit your vehicle. If your car’s rims are 17 inches in diameter, pick from a selection of r 17 tires to find not only the right dimensions, but also the right type of tire for your driving style and conditions. Looking for all-season tires, winter tires, or snow tires for safe driving in any weather conditions? This catalog has what you need. Pirelli also offers a range of high-performance, all-terrain, or summer tires for your car or light truck.

To pick the right tire, you may wonder, 'What’s my 17 inch tire’s width and height?' Take a look at your tire’s sidewall or the plate on the driver’s side doorjamb—it will tell you the width, height, and rim diameter of your tire (in inches). For example, you might see the characters 295 70 r17. This means the tire is 295 millimeters wide, has a height that is 70 percent of its width, and fits 17-inch rims.

Once you know the correct tire size for your car, search Pirelli’s 17 inch tire catalog and click the right size for your vehicle so you can fit your car with the perfect product.

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