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Pirelli’s wide range of tyres is the result of years of continuous research and innovation, and includes five different product families. The Pirelli Sottozero™ family is specifically dedicated to the coldest months and adverse weather conditions.

The Pirelli Sottozero™ tyre family includes two different models: Winter Sottozero™ Serie II and Winter Sottozero™ 3.

Pirelli’s Winter Sottozero™ Serie II tyres have received a record number of homologations and are the perfect solution for sports cars and high-end vehicles. They feature an asymmetric tread pattern to effectively expel water and they enhance comfort and driving pleasure even on long journeys. They also ensure high levels of grip on snow.

Designed in conjunction with premium and prestige car manufacturers, the Pirelli Winter Sottozero™ 3 tyres are winter solutions for high-end cars. They ensure the utmost safety, control and performance in any weather in the coldest months of the year.

As already highlighted, the Pirelli catalogue includes other winter tyres, both for cars, for SUVs and crossovers and for vans.

With such a wide selection of Pirelli winter tyres in the catalogue, it is easy to identify the right product for your requirements and your vehicle, which you can buy from your nearest dealer.