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Years of research and innovation have enabled Pirelli to produce an entire range of tyres especially for drivers that prefer tyres with a low rolling resistance. This product family is called Cinturato™ and it combines Pirelli’s traditional high standards of performance and safety.

The Pirelli Cinturato™ tyres use new materials and have lower rolling resistance. As a result, they help to reduce the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

The Cinturato™ family consists of five products: Cinturato P7™ and the Cinturato P7™ (P7C2), Cinturato P7™ Blue, Cinturato P1™ Verde, Cinturato™ All Season, Cinturato™ All Season Plus and Cinturato™ Winter tyres.

The Cinturato P7™ and its evolution, the Cinturato P7™ (P7C2), have been designed and produced using advanced compounds and features a state-of-the-art tread pattern. They offer the perfect mix of low rolling resistance, driving comfort, tyre mileage and braking performance, and are ideal for mid-range cars and saloons.

The Pirelli Cinturato P7™ Blue tyres have introduced a wide range of sizes to the market with a double A class rating.

The Cinturato P1™ is a premium tyre for urban use that ensures comfort and safety on all road surfaces. Their elegance sets them apart.

Cinturato™ All Season is designed for those drivers who live in urban areas and are searching for an alternative mobility solution.

The Cinturato™ All Season Plus and the new Cinturato™ All Season SF 2 are the evolution of the Pirelli Cinturato™ All Season tyre. With a new compound for the tread, these tyres offer enhanced performance for those driving in urban areas seeking an innovative and alternative mobility solution. Suitable for use in both summer and winter, they ensure driving safety even on wet surfaces and snow.

Finally, the Cinturato™ Winter tyres are the solution specifically for use in winter.

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