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You can drive up to 40km after a puncture with RunForward™

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No more stress

Discover RunForward™ technology benefits

Extended mobility

The new RunForward™ technology is designed to maintain control of the car in the event of a puncture, continuing driving up to 40km at 80km/h with zero pressure*.

Consumption efficiency

The technology contributes to maintaining low levels of rolling resistance.

Driving pleasure and acoustic comfort

The structure and compounds of tyres equipped with the new technology deliver optimal acoustic and driving feeling.

How RunForward™ works

Discover in 30 seconds how RunForward™ can change your driving experience

Specific reinforcements

Sidewall reinforcements provide support to the vehicle in the event of a loss of pressure.

Asymmetry of reinforcements and new compound

The asymmetrical reinforcements and innovative compound reduce tire stress​.

Low rolling resistance and great driving comfort
Reduced stress enables thinner reinforcements, resulting in low rolling resistance and optimal driving comfort.

Discover the New P ZERO™ E with RunForward™ technology

​*All 17 sizes available at product launch include RunForward™ technology, that enables driving up to 40km at up to 80km/h in case of a flat tyre. Source: Pirelli R&D internal tests.