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The Pirelli catalogue includes a wide range of tyres, divided into five different product families. One of these is the P Zero™ family, which combines Pirelli’s experience and collaborations with the biggest manufacturers to ensure top performance for the driver at all times.

The Pirelli P Zero™ family includes a range of specific products.

The P Zero™ tyre and its evolution, the P Zero™ (PZ4), demonstrate Pirelli’s technology in the Ultra High Performance for cars and SUVs sector.

The P Zero™ Corsa (PZC4) and P Zero™ Corsa System tyres transfer the best motorsport technology onto the road and track. Ideal on any road surface, they have a racing structure and tread, providing excellent handling in any driving situation, as well as high levels of traction and braking.

Thanks to the compound used, this new generation of tyre lasts longer on both dry and wet surfaces, without compromising on the sporty character.

P Zero™ Rosso tyre is optimal for electronic traction and stability control systems and therefore ideal for sports driving.

Finally, P Zero™ Winter is the ideal tyre for those who demand top performance during the coldest months of the year, even on snow.

Choose the product that best meets your specific requirements and contact your nearest Pirelli tyre dealer or authorized dealership.