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Braking distance

This test measure the braking distance form a speed of 100km/h on dry surfaces.

PIRELLI Carrier Camper 39.5 m
HANKOOK Vantra LT 40.0 m
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 40.5 m
41.5 m
DUNLOP Econodrive 41.6 m
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 42.0 m
MICHELIN Agilis+ 42.0 m

Rolling resistance

Rolling resistance coefficient CR (kg/t)

MICHELIN Agilis + 7.25
PIRELLI Carrier Camper 7.58
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 7.94
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 7.95
HANKOOK Vantra LT 7.99
DUNLOP Econodrive 8.05


Aquaplanning (straight)

The test measures the speed until which the tyre resists aquaplaning on a straight line.

HANKOOK Vantra LT 96.2 Km/h
PIRELLI Carrier Camper 95.8 Km/h
MICHELIN Agilis + 94.3 Km/h
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 91.3 Km/h
DUNLOP Econodrive 90.6 Km/h
NANKANG Passion CW-20 89.8 Km/h
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 87.9 Km/h

Aquaplanning (curves)

The test measures the speed until which the tyre resists aquaplaning on curves.

HANKOOK Vantra LT 3.34 m/s2
PIRELLI Carrier Camper 3.06 m/s2
MICHELIN Agilis + 2.96 m/s2
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 2.94 m/s2
DUNLOP Econodrive 2.89 m/s2
NANKANG Passion CW-20 2.70 m/s2
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 2.64 m/s2



This test measures the average speed on the Auto Bild handling course. The higher the speed, the better the handling performance of the tyres (acceleration, braking,cornering) on wet surfaces.

HANKOOK Vantra LT 78.7 km/h
PIRELLI Carrier Camper 78.4 km/h
MICHELIN Agilis + 77.2 Km/h
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 77.0 Km/h
DUNLOP Econodrive 76.3 Km/h
NANKANG Passion CW-20 74.9 Km/h
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 72.8 Km/h

Braking distance

This test measures the braking distance from a speed of 80km/h on wet surfaces. Good grip guarantees important safety advantages on a rainy, wet surface, especially when changing lanes or moving into heavy curves.

HANKOOK Vantra LT 34.3 m
PIRELLI Carrier Camper 34.7 m
MICHELIN Agilis + 36.9 m
CONTINENTAL VancoCamper 37.4 m
DUNLOP Econodrive 39.7 m
NANKANG Passion CW-20 43.3 m
FIRESTONE Vanhawk 46.1 m

The test results refer to the CARRIER Camper model, a subset of the entire CARRIER family.
The available size range of this product is: 215/70R15CP 109R - 215/75R16CP 113R - 235/65R16CP 115R