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Fitting the right tire to your vehicle based on your specific driving needs is important in terms of both performance and safety.


After years of research and innovation, Pirelli offers a huge range of tires tailored to the various car models on the market and suitable for a range of urban and suburban settings.

Pirelli tires are divided into six product families, each with specific technical characteristics aimed at particular needs. The product family tire search filter will quickly and easily help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

The P Zero™ tire family combines Pirelli’s experience in a partnership with the best car manufacturers to guarantee top performance at all times.

The Cinturato™ family meets the needs of those looking for tires with a low environmental impact: thanks to the use of new eco-friendly materials and lower rolling resistance Cinturato™ tires contribute to reducing the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions.

In the light of the evolution that has characterized the SUV and Crossover sector in recent years, Pirelli has decided to devote an entire range of tires to these particular types of vehicle: the Scorpion™ family.

The Sottozero™ family is dedicated specifically to the winter season: these tires have been designed to provide control, stability, and safety even in cold temperatures.

The tires in the Ice™ family have been designed for winter and extreme cold conditions in particular, and are also suitable when ice is present on the road.

Finally, the P4™ Persist AS Plus tires are ideal for coupés, sedans, and minivans and suitable for all seasons.

Consult the list of Pirelli tire dealers and authorized dealerships for more details and purchase the tire most suited to your car.