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Years of research and innovation have allowed Pirelli to create a full range of tires dedicated to those drivers who prefer to fit their vehicle with tires that have a low environmental impact.

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This product family is called Cinturato™ and it combines green philosophy with the traditional high-performance and safety standards characteristic of Pirelli.

Tires in the Pirelli Cinturato™ family use new eco-friendly materials and feature lower rolling resistance, contributing to reducing the vehicle’s CO2 emissions.

The Cinturato™ family includes a range of different products.

Pirelli’s first “Green Performance” tires, the Cinturato P7™ tires have been designed and made using advanced compounds and are characterized by a latest generation tread design. They offer a perfect mix between low rolling resistance, driving comfort, mileage, and braking performance and are ideal for mid-range cars and sedans. The Cinturato P7™ All Season variants and its evolution the Cinturato P7™ All Season Plus have been designed to obtain optimum performance in all weather conditions.

Finally, the Cinturato™ Winter tires are the specific eco-friendly solution for use during winter.

Choose the product that best meets your specific needs and contact your nearest Pirelli tire dealer or authorized dealership.