More battery range
Enjoy long drives and peace of mind and an extra boost in battery range when choosing ELECT™ tires, engineered to deplete less energy thanks to low rolling resistance, which enables up to 10% gain in battery range1. Start your journey with ELECT™ now.
ELECT™ tires – lower battery consumption means less need for charging, therefore less energy is needed. This is convenient for both the driver and the environment.
Focus on safety
Control your power. ELECT™ tires are specifically designed with enhanced grip to manage high torque and include reinforced structures to cope with EV weights, which tend to be heavier than traditional vehicles. Optimized performance in both acceleration and braking, with a focus on safety for you and your passengers.
The contact patch of ELECT™ tires is optimized for electric vehicle features. Engineered for safer performance levels thanks to a +3.5% increase in asphalt contact and improved distribution of pressure2.
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Superior acoustic comfort
Let silence be your driving companion. Electric vehicles are quieter than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, therefore tire noise is more noticeable. ELECT™ tyres are specifically designed to reduce perceived in-cabin noise by up to 20%3 for you to enjoy a more comfortable drive. Feel the benefits of electric driving, starting with a quiet journey.
Durable Tire
Electric vehicles can generate stronger stresses on tire wear and tear. Pirelli’s new innovative process aims to maintain the extended mileage required for high-performing EV tires while also minimizing waste of raw materials during the design and testing phases.
That’s why drivers choose Pirelli ELECT™ tires
Discover the perfect fit for your vehicle with our website fitment tool or discuss Pirelli ELECT™ technology with your trusted tire dealer
Also 7 out of 10 Premium & Prestige car makers choose Pirelli tires for their electric vehicles*
Pirelli collaborates with leading car manufacturers, from Premium & Prestige brands to pure EV companies and emerging start-ups.
* Premium & Prestige Car makers where Pirelli is supplying or has already achieved technical homologation
**Source: German Product list (Pricat) @ Jan ‘22

The world of Elect™


Pirelli ELECT™ prepares for winter

In addition to original equipment and summer products, the technology package for electric and plug-in hybrid cars is now available in many aftermarket sizes for all seasons
Shift To Electric

Get ready for the shift to electric

Car companies are unveiling a host of new electric car models and many governments have set firm target dates for the phasing out of fossil-fuel engines. But there’s still a long way to go until the benefits of electric are realised

Pirelli doubles on electric and hybrid plug-in cars

More than 250 ELECT™ tires approved for electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles worldwide by main carmakers

Legal notes

1 ~20% Rolling Resistance reduction vs a non-ELECT™ tire. Comparison between PIRELLI SCORPION™ ELECT™ and PIRELLI SCORPION™ tires on size 235/60/R18. Source: Internal Pirelli R&D tests carried out between March - June 2022 on a Volkswagen iD4, measuring the reduction of rolling resistance and the equivalent battery range gain. The measurement has been conducted through instrumented conditions and at constant speed (@50km/h) in a range of 550 km

2 Comparison between Pirelli P ZERO™ ELECT™ tires and Pirelli P ZERO™ tires of the same size. Source: internal tests

3 Comparison between PIRELLI SCORPION™ ELECT™ and PIRELLI SCORPION™ tires on size 255/50R20. Source: Pirelli R&D internal tests carried out in November 2022 on an Audi e-Tron. In cabin noise has been measured at different speed - 40-60-80-110 Km/h - and on different types of surfaces (smooth / rough asphalt). In all eight combinations (speed/asphalt) ELECT™ tires resulted in less perceived internal noise, on average by around -0.6DB and up to -0.8DB