Tire Registration Form

Dear Customer,

It is important that you register your PIRELLI brand tires with Pirelli promptly after your purchase is completed. This is a federal tire regulation which enables Pirelli to contact you in the event of a recall.

To assist you in registering your tires, the dealer from whom you purchased the tires provided you with the 12 or 13 digit DOT numbers, which are also listed on the tire (see diagram below for examples). You may either register online at https://www.pirelli.com/tires/en-ca/car/customer-registration, or the link on www.pirelli.ca. In either case, you should register your tires immediately. If you have already submitted your tire registration information, but need to inform us of a change, please resubmit your updated contact information.

We at Pirelli Tire INC. value your privacy. Your information is protected by our Privacy Policy https://www.pirelli.com/tires/en-ca/privacy-policy, and Federal law prohibits us from reselling tire registration information or using it for marketing purposes. We will only contact you in the event of a recall or replacement.

Examples of 12 and 13 DOT Sequences

DOT 93 NU K653 4313

DOT 1UNPM W988 3019

Thank you for submitting your tire registration. It has been received.

Something did not work properly. Please review your information and re-submit