Excellent resistance and safety for vans and carriers
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Find your tyre size

You can find your tyre size on the side wall of the tyre currently fitted to your vehicle or on the tyre placard located on the inside of the driver’s door.

Learn how to read your tyre size and numbers.
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Why to choose CARRIER™

CARRIER™ offers users excellent mileage, rolling resistance with focus in wet conditions. This product features dedicated tread pattern, compound and profile geometry to provide it with all the attributes drivers are looking for in a premium van product.

Innovative compound and enhanced profile geometry

Optimum value for money

New compound and tread design with 3 wide longitudinal grooves

Safety in wet conditions

Optimized profile and innovative materials

Low fuel consumption leading to savings at the pump

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Customized tyres in collaboration with car manufacturers

Pirelli and the best car manufacturers design marked tyres together to ensure superior performance and find the perfect fit between the car and the tyre.


Tyre Recall - Important Safety Recall Notice for Consumers and Retailers.

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