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The selection of the best Pirelli’s performance and sporty tyres is known for enhanced control in both wet and dry conditions. As a result of Pirelli’s knowledge gained from competitive Motorsport these tyres guarantee safety and comfort at the highest speed.

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The Pirelli performance tyres catalogue contains products from the P Zero™ range, in which Pirelli’s experience and collaborations with the biggest car manufacturers combine. This wide range includes P Zero™ and P Zero™ (PZ4), P Zero™ Corsa (PZC4), P Zero™ Corsa System and P Zero™ Rosso.

Scorpion™ Zero, Scorpion™ Zero All Season and Scorpion™ Zero Asimmetrico are performance tyres, which are specifically designed by Pirelli for SUVs and Crossovers.

Finally, Dragon Sport™ is a premium tyre developed for Australasian market. Thanks to the optimised tread pattern it provides performance for sport even in wet.

All the tire types mentioned above have specific features and prices. Find the nearest Pirelli tyre dealer and choose the best tyres for your vehicle.