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The selection of the best Pirelli’s highway and touring tyres has a strong focus on performance and mileage. These tyres are ideal for those who often drive on highways or take frequent journeys.

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The Cinturato P7™, Pirelli’s first 'Green Performance' tyre, and the Cinturato P7™ (P7C2) are designed to guarantee savings, respect for the environment, comfort and safety. The Cinturato P7™ All Season tyre, instead, provides a high level of performance in all weather conditions thanks to its longitudinal siping and high lateral siping density.

The Cinturato™ P6™ is conceived to lower rolling resistance and to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It is the perfect choice for mid-sized and compact cars.

The Pirelli highway and touring tyres catalogue contains also products from the Scorpion™ range dedicated to SUVs and Crossovers and made with the most innovative materials: Scorpion™ Verde and Scorpion™ Verde All Season, Scorpion™ Zero All Season and finally Scorpion™ STR, the ideal choice for SUVs, off road vehicles and light trucks with enhanced ride comfort.

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