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All terrain tyres

Pirelli has a selection of the best all terrain tyres for SUV, which will immediately adapt every surface and ensure control, stability, and safety even on difficult conditions.

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The self-cleaning pattern used to produce the Pirelli’s all terrain tyres can evacuate water, mud, and gravel out of the tread and lugs to ensure a secure gripping on multiple surfaces.

If you are looking for the best mud tires, or more generally off-road tyres which can resist the hardest shocks on uneven surfaces in complete safety, look through the Pirelli catalogue.

Pirelli currently has three products on the market, each with specific features designed to cover all requirements.

Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus is designed to deliver safety and comfort even on the most difficult surfaces: rocks, snow, mud, grass, and sand.

Scorpion™ ATR is a versatile and safe tyre: tenacious and reliable off road, it guarantees comfort and excellent traction on road.

For the drivers of 4WD vehicles Pirelli has conceived the Scorpion MTR tyres, which offer a secure gripping on a variety of surfaces.

The wide range of Pirelli tyres makes it easy for you to pinpoint, from our extensive catalogue, the specific product to suit your needs and those of your vehicle. Find the nearest Pirelli tyre dealer.


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