Cuts, impacts and puncture injuries are the most common reasons for a tyre to be replaced early in its life.

Thanks to Pirelli Tyrelife™, you can travel carefree for 12 months.*


How Tyrelife™ protects you

If a tyre registered for Tyrelife™ is damaged by an accidental and non-repairable cut, impact or puncture within the first 12 months from the date of purchase and has a residual tread depth of more than 3mm, Pirelli will provide you with a new tyre free of charge. Tyrelife™ only covers the replacement of one of the four registered tyres.*


How to Activate

  • Purchase 4 Pirelli Car or SUV tyres and a Tyrelife Warranty ($40/set of 4 tyres) in 1 transaction from a participating dealer. (All 4 tyres must be fitted onto the same vehicle at the time of purchase)
  • Ask your Pirelli Dealer to register your Tyrelife™ through their Pirelli portal.
  • Through the confirmation email, complete your registration and account set up to fully activate your Tyrelife™. You will receive a Tyrelife™ Code and Pin once the registration has been approved by Pirelli.

Please note: To confirm your registration is complete, please ensure you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of the Pirelli Tyrelife™ Warranty. Please make sure that the name on the invoice matches the name you provided when registering.
You must register your purchased tyres for Tyrelife™ within 30 days from the date of purchase.


Tyre Eligibility

The purchase of at least 4 new Pirelli car or SUV tyres from a participating dealer is required to be able to register for Tyrelife™.

The following tyres are NOT ELIGIBLE for the Pirelli Tyrelife™ Warranty:

  • Tyres fitted on the vehicle at the vehicle factory or during a new car delivery by the Car Dealership (original equipment tyres);
  • The below tyre patterns:
    • Carrier™
    • Scorpion™ All Terrain Plus
    • Scorpion™ ATR
    • Scorpion MTR
    • Trofeo and Motorsport tyres
    • Winter tyres
  • And tyres equipped with the following technologies:
    • Run-Flat™ technology
    • Seal-Inside™ technology


Once registered, Pirelli Tyrelife Warranty is valid for an initial 6 months from the date of purchase. In order to extend the Tyrelife for a further 6 months, you must return to the Dealer in the 5th month for a tyre inspection. To assist with this, a SMS and email will be sent to you at 5 months to remind you of this inspection. Should the inspection not take place prior to the 6 months expiry date, the 6 month extension will be forfeited. For the duration of the Tyrelife, it can be used for accidental and irreparable on-road damages.*


How to make a claim on your Tyrelife™

If your tyre is damaged, please return to the dealer where you purchased and registered your tyres. They will inspect the tyre and request your Tyrelife Code and Pin in order to complete the claim process. This information can be found in your Pirelli account under my.pirelli.com. The dealer will replace the damaged tyre and you can continue on driving.