Browse Pirelli’s catalog of 20-inch tires to find the right width and height for this rim particular diameter. The catalog features a wide selection of top-of-the-line r 20 tires for your car, for all driving styles and conditions. If you are braving harsh weather, get outfitted with all-season tires, winter tires, or snow tires. You can also find just the right high-performance, all terrain, or summer tires for your car or light truck. Whatever your needs, Pirelli has a tire for you.

You may be wondering what your 20-inch tire’s height and width is. To find out, look on your tire’s sidewall or find the placard on the driver’s side doorpost. You’ll first see the tire width (in millimeters), the height (as a percentage of width), and the rim diameter (in inches). A tire marked 305 55 r20, for example, is 305 millimeters wide, has a height of 55% of its width, and fits a 20-inch rim.

Use this information to search the Pirelli catalog for the ideal 20-inch tires for you. Click the correct size for your vehicle so you can fit your car with the tires and be on your way!

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