Quality Policy

The Quality Policy, drafted in 2009, reflects the full integration of sustainability in the Group's management strategy.

Applicable to the entire Group, it was immediately implemented by Pirelli Tyre and it is being published both internally and externally. Quality is a core value in Pirelli operations, pervading all of its functions and processes through a co-ordinated and synergetic approach.  Its scope of application ranges from continuous innovation of products, services, processes and systems to protection of the integrity, health and wellness of Group employees environmental protection throughout the entire product life cycle and strategic collaboration with suppliers.

Corporate "quality" corresponds to a focus on the demands and interests of Stakeholders, ethics, innovation, excellence and safety for sustainable competitiveness. Specific emphasis is given to individual involvement and the key role that individuals play in promoting the cultivation of a sustainable quality culture.

The updated version of this document has been distributed to all Group employees through a specific internal communication campaign during the first several months of 2010.

See below for the original and translated versions of the document.

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Last Revised: 25 Jul 2012