World water day: Pirelli's commitment

Pirelli is committed to optimizing water use with the aim, by 2025, of reducing its specific withdrawal by 43% compared to 2015

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The climate crisis continues to complicate the water emergency in almost the entire planet. On the one hand, solving the problem requires intervention on the causes of the emergency, accelerating the ecological transition, on the other, an ever more careful management of this resource. In short, wasting less water at all levels: global, institutional, corporate, and even private and personal. In this regard, Pirelli's objectives are clear: the Business Plan calls for a 43% reduction in specific water withdrawal by 2025 compared with the 2015 level.

According to figures from the UNCCD, the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, the number and duration of droughts have increased by 29% since 2000. In 2022, an estimated 2.3 billion people suffered from water shortages in some way and 160 million children were exposed to long and difficult periods of water stress. The forecasts for the future are not rosy: It is estimated that by 2030 around 700 million people may have to migrate due to drought. The lack of drinking water causes problems for agriculture, energy production, the economy in general and people's lives. For this reason, the UN established World Water Day on 22 March 1992, a day to take stock of the situation and understand how to deal with the problem of excessive water consumption.

Pirelli, as mentioned, aims to reduce its water consumption over the entire life cycle of its products. For better management of this precious resource, Pirelli engages with all the main players, and today the attention the company pays to the issue is evident in the various certified environmental management systems used at its production plants.

As proof of this commitment, thanks to the actions undertaken, a total of more than 14 million cubic meters of water have been saved since 2015; a quantity corresponding to more than two years of Pirelli's water needs and enough to fill around 5,500 Olympic swimming pools.

With the constant increase in temperatures, and the consequent reduction of water reserves (glaciers, lakes, rivers), water is becoming an increasingly rare and precious commodity. In addition to its actual lack, however, we also pay for mismanagement. For example Italy only recovers 11% of its rainwater, a percentage that should rise to at least 60% based on the objectives of the Invasi Plan. Similarly, another important sustainability goal is for companies to reuse the water utilized in production processes.
A positive sign in this direction comes from the Pirelli plant in Silao, Mexico, which has brought its rainwater collection plant up to speed. This water, once suitably treated, is used in the production process, favoring less withdrawal of groundwater.

Pirelli is one of the large group of stakeholders who must guarantee the achievement of the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Among these, number 6 reads: «to ensure the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all». World Water Day is here to remind us that without water there is no future, and Pirelli wants to play its part in this too.